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CMA 2011 Recap. Let’s chat.

I may not have time to wash my hair (gasp!) but dammit I DO have time to watch and recap the CMA’s! 
In my humble opinion, CMA day should be a holiday. I mean, it is arguably one of my favorite nights of the year.

The girls and I had a CMA partay over at Jami’s, where we consumed mass quantities of wine/beer/margaritas…. And perhaps equivalent amounts of queso and taco dip. Just sayin. 
Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley brought the laughs as they hosted their fourth year. I just adore them together, such great chemistry. 
I got this text from my cousin right when the show started and I about died. HA, so sweet, love you Gin Gin!
Back to Carrie. 
So my thoughts you ask? 
Ok, let’s get ONE thing straight here. We all know I love Carrie. I mean who doesn’t seriously. The girl can do no wrong. Mind you, I still don’t think she did WRONG, I just wasn’t as ‘WOWED’ the entirety of the show like I usually am. Do you KNOW how much of an internal conflict I have been having trying to ADMIT this? πŸ˜‰ ha. Now let me tell you why…
She changed ten times throughout the show, standard. I thought she looked fabulous in everything, however I was slightly confused with the Broadway/Michael Jackson number. Just… confused. Also the green goddess-y dress wasn’t my favorite. Let’s take a look…
I LOVED her gold sequin number. Perfection. Just perfection. 
I thought she looked super cute in her mini lavender dress. PS MIss Piggy is EVERYWHERE,  she had a spread in InStyle for cryin’ out loud! 
And these SHOES. I must have them immed. 
Her legs be smokin’ and a shining per usual.
I also really liked this dress, I mean where would you wear it besides a country music award show, but I love the texture of the fabric and the color. Noooot so sure about that big bow. But again,
what do I know. 
Now on to the performance.

Carrie and Brad sang Remind Me, their uber fab duet for the first time live on TV.

I hate to say it, but it was not my favorite performance. 
I thought the music was too loud for the vocals, and I think she struggled with the pitch at first. Also that camera angle, what the heck? She is a PHENOMENAL singer, always sounds spot on live, and this is the first time I have ever heard her sound less than perfect.  And you KNOW this pains me to say out loud… 
Check it out for yourself, you know I speak da truth when it comes to my girl πŸ˜‰ 
She still rocked it, and her voice is seriously ridiculous it is so good.

I do have some thoughts on other attendees… shall we? 

And that my friends, is all she wrote.

Carrie, love ya sister. And if you don’t SPILL on how you get your gams so fresh, we are no longer friends.


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  1. Nicole says:

    I know I hated to admit but Carrie did have an off night. I didnt like the performance very much but she doesnt have to have a good performance I was to busy drooling over her legs. Damnit I will have her legs one day:)

  2. Jen Watts says:

    Oh girl I knew your recap would be awesome. I really didn't get "wowed" by any of Carrie's dresses this year..and I was looking forward to the duet but she didn't nail that either-Sorry! But, those legs were shining as always and lets face it- her hair is always near perfection.

    Also love that the band perry won so many awards!

  3. Yes, I did not like the MJ look at all. The green dress isn't that great either. Love the recap, she is gorgeoussss!

  4. P!nky says:

    TOTALLY missed the CMAs and didn't DVR!!!!!!! EPIC EPIC FAIL! BUT I ADORE Erin Andrews' dress, I MUST HAVE IT!!!!

    Love the recap Carrie…I mean LOULOU!


  5. Allison says:

    I was disappointed in her performance. I don't think I've ever heard her sound less than perfect, but sadly last night was one of those nights. She was great as a host and as a comedian! And those legs, I die. Someone needs to find the secret pronto!

  6. Miss Chelsea says:

    gah I was hoping you'd have a picture of the glittery jeans I kept reading about on Twitter last night!

  7. I love that you said it – those two outfit choices (the michael and the goddess) were just a little too much for me. It seemed like everyone struggled a little vocally – maybe it was the sound in the room? I know nothing about singing so maybe thats how everyone should always sound πŸ™‚ – Sarah

  8. Michelle P says:

    I love her gold dress! So cute.

  9. * Jessica * says:

    You have to admit that although it was a slightly off night for the beautiful Ms. Carrie Underwood, the opening of the show was HIL.AR.IOUS!!!! Her and Brad have so much chemistry together!

  10. dottie says:

    I didn't enjoy Faith's eye makeup either. Wayy too much. It's like she let a MAC girl go nuts for 2 hours.

    How po'd was T Swift when she didn't win Female Vocalist. I think that was the award she gave the biggest stank face to.

  11. I didn't have time to watch last night because I had class, boo πŸ™ But I LOVE Carrie's gold glitter dress, it reminds me of the one Kellie Pickler wore to the CMA's last year. Love it!

  12. I COMPLETELY agree with the greny goddess-y dress, why was she holding her arms like that. it was akward i thought, but overall, i couldnt stop by saying to my hubs OMG. SHE DOES look just like Pink Lou Lou-

    (strange look from hubby)

    but needless to say, u could seriously fool me if i was just walking by..
    love ur bloggy been follow'n awhile and love all ur beauty tips.

    OH- p.s-must find out the secret to those lucious legs of hers.

  13. Sarah says:

    I didn't have time to watch them last night but I knew that I could come to you for the complete recap; including all of Carrie's fab outfits!! πŸ™‚

  14. Katie says:

    I totally commentated to the boyfriend throughout the entire show, along with random announcements of "These are my people and they just make me so happy!"

    As for the Spanx issues, I am SO GLAD I'm not the only one who noticed. There was an unsightly bulge or two here and there… 'tis not a pretty sight.

  15. lori says:

    i totally agree! carrie's gold dress was AH-mazing… i also loved the performance dress… but the performance was not very good. she definitely struggled with pitch. and YESSS, i noticed the spanx issues too… i think the two of them shouldve opted for something with a little more jazz than the all black get up.

    im working on a cma recap post too, but ill probably post it tomorrow.

  16. Crystaljk78 says:

    Bahahah! Love your commentary – but especially the part about the nipple earrings! Keep it coming πŸ™‚

  17. JDub says:

    I don't think Carri liked her green goddess dress either! I got second hand awkwardness when I watched.

  18. I too thought Carrie didn't sound quite as good on the song last night; almost like she was trying to force it just a little too much. But the rest of the show was pretty dang good. She and Brad had me cracking up at the beginning! πŸ™‚ And I love *most* of the outfits she wore for the night, but you know an outfit is bad when even my hubby notices it over her smokin' body and says "What the hell is she wearing??" πŸ™‚ Great recap.

  19. Delaney says:

    hahaha you just made me laugh out loud. thank you for this. haha

  20. Day Old News says:

    Ok the dress looks green now, I thought it was gold on stage. Laura Bell Bundy…no.

  21. Lindsey says:

    um. As you know I missed most of the show thanks to boot camp, but it is recorded and I am watching the rest of it tonight. I did see the black MJ number and I said aloud, "what the hell is that?" That one was just sick.

    Since I missed most of it, I didn't see 99 percent of her outfits, so from these pics I can tell you that the one with the pink tulle looking situation hanging off the side is ATROCIOUS. Like I would never be caught dead in that. The rest I can co-sign, but those 2 are just hid.

    I will follow-up with more opinions after I watch tonight. I just watched Miranda's performance on youtube and she did not look good, which pains me to say because I LOVE HER. That fringe jacket and messy hair … no, no, no! Her hair looks like mine when I wear it wavy, but just image polgamy length. Yikes.

  22. Nicole-Lynn says:

    I didn't watch the CMA's, but I wanted to visit your blog to get a Carrie update! πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  23. I was waiting for this post!!!! Loved the pink dress last night! I think i tweeted you!

  24. Gina says:

    I didn't watch but now? I'm all caught up. Thanks, chica.

  25. It seriously pains me to say… I didn't get to watch last night but a little bit towards the end. It was my birthday, what can I say?! I had to have my party. Mom DVR'd it so I'll be sure to watch that tomorrow night. However I did see the performance and I'll have to sadly agree. That music was WAY too loud though none of that was Carrie's fault, poor thing was screaming to try and be louder than the music. Producers… lets fix that next year thanks. πŸ™‚
    PS. I must have that gold sequin dress! Praying for it to be on RTR… NYE?!?

  26. I LOVED the CMA's last night and also had a party with my girls over! I was also expecting a litttttle more from Carrie this year but as always she still rocked it! πŸ™‚

  27. You are Adorable…I'm stil smiling and laughing. I haven't seen that show but the way you described it is something special. YOu are so CUTE!)



  28. BCarpenter says:

    I thought Brad and Carrie were both a little off last night. Sads….because I <3 that song! I thought it was a GREAT year for the CMA's! Keith Urban and Blake Shelton were lookin' fine!

  29. So glad I'm not the only one who noticed the "over the Spanx bulge!"

  30. Jenna says:

    Agree on the performance, BUT her "Remind Me" dress was my absolutely fave. I DIE. I want it. Like now.


  31. Vicki says:

    I loved her green goddess-y dress AND the dress she wore when she performed Remind Me … both were gorgeous!!!!

  32. hahah! I knew you were loving the awards show last night!! I can just imagine you posted up with some vino loving Carrie!!

    I MISSES YOU little bear!! Call your sista!

  33. Venassa says:

    I never watched but I would've loved to. I see what you mean about Carrie's pitch at first but she's still amazing. She's probably the best concert I've ever been to. Brad sounds a little less great than I would've expected him to live.

  34. CMae says:

    you know I have to be honest, I didn't get to watch the CMAs (mister wonderful had on the Presidential Debate) so we watched that and I forgot to DVR it…I did watch the video clip you posted and have to say i completely agree with you, she sounded a little off….weak, like her vocals weren't as "on" as they should be…hmmmmm
    she sportin a little shorter locks? You girl carrie is always changin it up!

  35. Meredith says:

    HAHAHA, love it!!! I loved Brad and Carrie hosting it, and I thought of you watching her, seriously. I do have to say as it always has been TIM & FAITH were my faves, so glad she's back!!!

  36. -Lauren says:

    I was actually thinking of you today and was hoping you would do a recap. Carrie's worst day, is far from my best. So sad for me. xo

  37. Erica says:

    Loved Carrie and Brad again this year, that first 15 minutes was funny, you"Carrie" looked great as always, that girl does not have to many fashion no nos. I hated the outfits that Thompson Square had on where awful( when they preformed). Taylor's dress are beautiful as well. XO
    You should do a few of the looks.

  38. Lyndsay says:

    I'm a huge Carrie fan too, but I agree. I wasn't really wowed by her dresses this year. However, I loved her red carpet gown….she looked stunning!

    Lyndsay @ Simply Lyndsay

  39. I was very curious as to what you were going to think of her performance. I did love a lot of her dresses and thought she looked gorge!

    And can we please spread a little love to Taylor?? She rocked it and is oh so cute.

  40. Carroll says:

    Thanks for the great recap! Hope you have a fab Friday!

  41. Ok, every single thing I thought throughout the entire CMA's, you just said! hahahaha! πŸ˜‰ Great minds think alike sister lou! Not a fan of many of Carrie's outfits πŸ™ such a let down. Loved the pink dress w/ Miss Piggy (who by the way is really everywhere right now, she even has her own OPI color) and I hated that green dress! WTF. Ugh. Loved Erin Andrew's dress! Ol' girl with the earrings and that black witch dress, gag me. And Laura Bell Bundy… no words, just no words for that outfit. Glad to hear we are on the same page! Ha! XO

  42. Nikki says:

    Carrie looked gorgeous as always but I totally agree that last night's performance wasn't my favorite. I was also confused with the Broadway/ Michael Jackson outfit and didn't really care for the green drapey dress. Your whole post is like exactly what I thought about the CMA's.

  43. I felt the same way! LOL Love your recap!

  44. Theresa says:

    I love Carrie, like she is my absolute FAVE singer/artists/America Idol winner/beauty inspiration… everything. She is my GIRL! But I have to agree with you on the performance…. wasn't my fave. She did sound just a TAD bit pitchy and they didn't sound amazing together like they normally do.

    However, it doesn't make me love her any less. Still adore her.

  45. I seriously wasn't impressed either. I think Brad started off pitchy and our BFF wasn't quite up to par either. πŸ™ Sad day. Still love her! Still love the song. but duets totally freak me out when the singers are both married…and it's all lovey and sappy and it's like they're singing to each other. Yeah, maybe I'm the jealous type…oh well.

  46. Bailey says:

    Carrie looked gorgeous as always. Did you see that adorable sparkly pink headband must have one!

  47. Katelyn says:

    I am cracking up at the Spanx comment! I thought the same thing when Faith walked out..and of course the same when I saw Laura Belle Bundy… Thanks!

    Love reading your blog!

  48. Mighty Burns says:

    i love carrie too..we all do but her legs in that video are farrrrr too shiny as well lol

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