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Maybe there won’t be marriage, maybe there won’t be sex, but by God there’ll be dancing!

If you don’t know that quote we can’t be friends. 
You ever need a girly night? Cause I do. The kind where you put on a face mask and a good ‘ole romantic comedy from the 90’s. ‘Lil Lou and I are experts at said behavior.  
Don’t you worry, pinot grigio was a flowin’. 
We used this lovely drug store find, Freeman Avacado and Oatmeal face mask.
 No idea if it is any good or not, but it sure achieved the look I was going for. Supposedly it draws out excess oils and dirt, purging clogged pores, leaving your skin clean and soft blah blah. I give it a thumbs up. 
Movie of choice you ask? 
‘Lil Lou and I love this movie, especially the vengeful slut cousins. 
What we couldn’t get over was the fact that Kimmy is TWENTY!! 
WHAT? She acts like she’s about 35. I remember watching this movie years ago idolizing her and that convertible of hers, man she was cool. Twenty. That is cray cray. And what about her nasty hair cut? Woof. What is that exactly? 
Speaking of hair, you know I can’t NOT comment on the beauty queens from the opening song and dance. 
Particularly this chic. 
I ask, what exactly is going on here? 
If you look closely, you will notice that that she has some sort of turd curls on top of her head, with her remaining hair straight down in the back. It’s like a bridal mullet if you will. 
It’s like she had a bob, and instead of her just rocking out her bob in true 90’s fashion, she decided to affix some poops on the top of her head with the hair that would reach, and just said to heck with the rest. 
If you need further evidence, please watch the video. 
Don’t even get me STARTED on this. 
PS Sadie is being a little beotch. She won’t sit with me, or look at me. I think it is because I have been giving Caroline’s and Lindsey’s cats too much air time on twitter. She is pissed. 
Don’t worry Sadie, I have no plans to leave you for a cat. 
TGIFibromyalgia lovelies 😉

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  1. ty says:

    OMG, I loved the opening of this movie when I was like, twelve. And Kimmy was so chic and cool … but twenty? DAMN. I used to replay the confession scene over and over and over and imagine the day I'd do that to my best friend, hahahaha

  2. Sounds like fun to me! I am in *serious* need of a girly night – facial, mani/pedi, margaritas, whatevs.

    I *love* My Best Friend's Wedding! I can watch it over and over!

    Have a great weekend, girly! 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    YESS!!! I will be watching My Best Friends Wedding tonight. Come hell or high water. The wine is chilling and I am going to make it happen. I think it has been a whole year since I've seen it last. Unacceptable. I though Kimmy was the shiznit. And I still sort of want her wedding. Not going to lie.

  4. JMB says:

    1. I love your nail polish
    2. When I watched this movie I felt the complete opposite, I kept thinking – O. EM. GEE. I felt like I was Julia Roberts character…that character was like the story of my hellacious relationship of one particular person whom you know about but potentially remain nameless.
    3. I love that you said poop turd.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Ahh- I'm in serious need of a girls' night post this hurricane Irene mess. I love My Best Friend's Wedding – it is so funny to look back at the hair and fashion in 90's movies – what the hell were the designers thinking??

    Sadie is precious – my Riley ignores me and gives me an attitude when I leave him for vacay or weekends at the lake.


  6. JMB says:

    oops. turd curl.

  7. Wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'. Alright then, I know what song I'll be obnoxiously humming for the rest of the week. 😉

    Now THAT'S a veil… I'm not sure whether I should laugh at it, or shutter. Yikes!

  8. JR Mazur says:

    love that movie! how can you not love Julia Roberts, even in those circle frame sunglasses and football
    player-esque boxy blazer, she still looks amazing!

  9. K_stets says:

    You crack me up with this post.

    Ummm, pretty sure that girl needed your help with that hair!

    ps. where did you get the mask at? I've been itching to try one.

  10. Home and Nom says:

    this is hilarious. i laughed outloud reading it. i wanted michael to pick julianne soooo badly, as cute as kimmie was. damnit. p.s. that mask is the "ish"… love.

  11. Lindsey says:

    One of my favorite movies of all time! I had similar thoughts the last time I watched it. I have fond memories of watching that movie in a dorm room with some of my besties!

  12. French Lover says:

    Best movie ever. I used to love the opening 😀

  13. Lindsey says:

    You left out the part about how I'm our generations most prolific cat mystery novelist. But anywho … YOU HAVE TO TRY THE MUD MASQUE I BLOGGED ABOUT. It's soooo bomb. I wear every Sunday and I count down every week until Sunday until I get to put it on. Sally's is calling your name.

    I think Sadie is pised because she knows that Lucy grew up adorned in pearls and my cat was toted around in a bassinet. She wishes you treated her with the same respect.

  14. Tiffany says:

    LOVE My Best Friend's Wedding. Total confession though….when I watch it….I stop it at the scene where Julia Roberts kisses Dermot under the gazeebo–you know before Kimmy sees and all the chase insues? Because in my world, the movie ends there and Julia and Dermot live happily ever after!


  15. I'm with Tiffany on this one – I thought Kimmy was annoying as h*** and that the two best friends should've totally ended up together. 🙁

  16. Mighty Burns says:

    🙂 love it. Poor sadie.. I hate when my cat snubs me.. I mean really what the? I watched this movie not so long ago and I thought the same thing about these chicks.. its like really really REALLY bad prom hair or something? Eck!
    I thought my mom had Julia Roberts hair when I was younger, so I thought Kimmy was too…proper. I liked Julias character.. and these pants she wears I LOVE them!

  17. Paige says:

    Hahahha turd curl.

  18. Kimberley says:

    i'm 35, should i be insulted by your comment? 🙂

  19. I laughed uncontrollably throughout this whole post. I thank you. My day is complete 🙂 Have a good weekend!!

  20. ♥ tiffany says:

    one of my favorite movies of all time!!

  21. Sunni Dae says:

    T.G.I.Fibromyalgia? LOL!
    Guessing you have an iPhone… Lol!

  22. Michaela says:

    Haha this made me laugh so hard! I've loved this movie for forever but wow there are some serious hair issues going on. THanks for pointing them out 🙂

  23. Holly says:

    Hahah too funny…yes that hair is freaking ridic…BOTH styles. Ugh, what were people thinking in the 80's/90's?! I may have to try that mask…looks great!

  24. P!nky says:

    Favorite.move.ever! (besides Disney, but of caaahrse) I love love love the way she says "Now Michael"….and the SINGING LOBSTER PEOPLE AT THE RESTAURANT!

    Girlie nights with sissys are the best…I enjoy them too!


    wow sorry for the caps i get excited from time to time…

    hope u have a wonderful weekend full of joys and happiness

  26. Jen Watts says:

    oh I absolutely knew that quote!!
    this is one of the only chick flicks the hubby will watch with me.

  27. Caitlin says:

    I'm a fan of drug store masks. Cheap and they still get the job done. Win win.
    And I watched this movie a while back and it blew my mind when I realized Kimmy was 20. I'm 20.
    Whoa. Still can't wrap my head around that. Trading in my fun college nights out for marriage right now? No thanks. But whatevs.
    And that quote in your title? Favorite part of the entire movie.

  28. Oh my…a CLASSIC! My sister and I used to fight over which girl we were in the opening scene! Love it.

  29. My Best Friend's Wedding is one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time! It's a total chick flick classic!! And it doesn't hurt that Julia Roberts mentions my home town in the movie!! (College Station, TX)

  30. Rachel says:

    Oh George! I absolutely LOVE MBFW and I watched it every day… 7th grade for me?! Geez.
    I remember thinking Kimmy was *SO* old!
    Have a great weekend LouBelle! 😉

  31. Kelli says:

    I love that you signed off with a "damnyou autocorrect" text!!! You're seriously adorable.

  32. Rebecca says:

    I love going out! But having chill stay in nights at home with some wine and movies, is always perfect =]

  33. KAH says:

    OMG I'm obsessed with My Best Friends Wedding!I watch it everytime it's on TV, and own it on VHS and DVD. I adore it 🙂

    Sounds like you guys had a fun night!


  34. LOL I love My Best Friend's Wedding! So good!

    "whenever I wake up.." I love that sing-a-long at brunch the best!

  35. Cami says:

    I need in on this gals night – pu-leeze! 😉

    Happy Friday!

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  36. Tricia says:

    Love a night just for ME! Truly nothing better. Enjoy your evening. 🙂

  37. Emily says:

    I Love this. Too cute. And that face mask sounds awesome.

  38. SSS says:

    Ummm, you need to ditch that clay mask from the 9th grade (and while you're at it, their peppermint foot scrub) and go to the Red Dot Boutique and buy Boots Botanicals Conditioning Clay Mask. It will blow your mind and I don't even have large pores and it SLAYS me with all of its clay/mineral/purifying/fairy dust magic. You will be grossed out in the most glorious way. Wine not included.

  39. Kristen says:

    favorite movie ever! i have seen it probably 100 times!

  40. itsallaboute says:

    haha this post made me laugh so hard!! I love that movie! I can remember watching it when I was little thinking that the bride in the "music video" at the beginning didn't look very pretty for her wedding day and that the white tights the bridesmaids are wearing are completely awful!

    I may make my fiance watch this movie tonight just after because I read this post full of vino of course!!

  41. This is seriously my favorite movie. My actual best friend and I would watch and quote it all the time in high school. Then the night before her wedding, it was on TV!!! It was an amazing coincidence!!

  42. Bri Buzali says:

    My mom sent your blog to me the other day when I was feeling "down" about being the only single, twenty something year old, I know. I fell in love with your blog, and it inspired me to create my own. You can check it out at
    Thanks for your awesome posts!

  43. Allison says:

    My BFF and I wore out my MBFW vhs tape many years ago. That is definitely one movie I can watch over and over!

  44. Laura says:

    You crack me up. I watch this movie too and just gawk at the clothes and hair!! Ridic. Cracks me up that I thought everything was fabulous when it first came out.

  45. Brittany says:

    I love that movie! Such a good girly night movie!

  46. Navia says:

    That's exactly what me in my roommate did last night even down to the same face mask. However she drank wine and I drank natty light (throwback to the college days). And we watch the movies The Jones, which if you haven't seen it you totally should. Yea for girls' nights!

  47. haha, omg is it creepy that I know every word to the movie? sickening I know.

  48. Hahah omg I LOVE that movie!! Definitely one of my favorites too! And I never quite noticed how bad that one girl's hair was….maybe its because her hair was too short to put up in a high bun? LOL

  49. Cheryl E. says:

    I have not seen that movie in forever. Now I want to go watch it on this rainy and yucky day. Looks like ya girs had a fun night.

  50. Erin says:

    haha this post made me laugh! i can totally relate 🙂 LOVE your blog, just found it and i'm your newest follower!!


  51. hahaha Bridal Mullet. I need to watch this movie soon!

  52. Annamarie says:

    That face mask is the bomb! I used to use it every night and it totally cleared my acne prone face! I swear by this face mask!

  53. Sophie P says:

    It's my birthday on Thursday and I am totally having face masks and pampering with the girlfriends! Cannot wait!! You've giving me some filmspiration too now!! XX

  54. DON says:

    Just so you know, the dancing bridesmaid with the darkest hair is Bree Turner and went to my high school. This was her first big break after a national herpes commercial (not kidding). She has gone on to star as the sidekick friend in winners like The Ugly Truth with Heigl and Just My Luck with Lilo. Major star.

  55. Wanda says:

    You are so wild! I love it!
    And Sadie….what a rotten girl!

  56. Macy says:

    I just LAUGHED OUT LOUD about her "poopyd-do"… or don't, for that matter. That's my favorite movie .. of all time, hands down! Love love LOVE this post!

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