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Style Watch Carrie

Found this in Feb’s People Style Watch. Now how fun is this? If I could just get a little tearsheet of every outfit she wears I’d be good!

Is it super creep style, and also lame, if I pattern one of my spring Keeneland 2011 outfits after this little number? Don’t answer that. 
🙂 Enjoy ladies!
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  1. mackenzie says:

    Not creepy at all. Just awesome! I love your blog 🙂

  2. shes gorggg!! I looove her legs! and no that would not be creepy! go for it girl


  3. Miss K says:

    Not creepy at all! Hello, that's why she's featured!

    I love People Style Watch mag, I should be getting my new issue this week! Can't wait to check it out!

    PS I've stored ike 100s of pics of her hair/make-up as examples for my wedding day

  4. Unrelated to her clothes, but related to her. How come I didn't hear from you that Carrie is in a movie? As soon as I saw the preview, I thought, "What?! Where was PLL to inform me of this?!"

  5. Rissy says:

    I think modeling an outfit after the incredible Carrie is just a sign of good taste! That dress is fantastic! and u already look like her

  6. LC says:

    Not creepy at all, that dress is gorgeous!

  7. You are so funny! I think you feel the same way about Carrie as I do about Miranda Lambert! haha! But, I love Carrie too! I went to her concert in 2008! 🙂 And, I competed in 3 pageants in high school, and for each one I had a Carrie Underwood inspired hairstyle to go by. She always looks so dang gorgeous!

  8. MJ says:

    She's such a fashionista!! I love that dress…

  9. I love this. I have been doing fashion pieces for the past few days and I honestly can say that Friday I am going to try to take inspiration from her!

    I wish I had her legs…they always look SO freaking amazing!!! Then again, everything about Carrie is SO freaking amazing!!!

  11. stephanie says:

    She is adorable! And always so classy, love her!

  12. Samantha says:

    Aww.. I LOVE Carrie!

  13. i just love that i can come to your blog and get all my carrie underwood updates. sigh. you make it so easy to love her 🙂

  14. Ally says:

    You go for it! You know you of all people could totally rock it!

  15. Caroline says:

    You should totally get this outfit. You could rock it just like Carrie.

  16. Adrienne says:

    OH that dress is adorable! I want it! Not creepy at all, rock it out! 🙂

  17. JMB says:

    I heart that dress. It is my VERY favorite dress she has worn of all time. My fav is the bottom part how it poofs out.

  18. Glitterista says:

    Oh my gosh–love this! That dress is gorgeous. 😉

  19. LHD says:

    I won't tell if you wear that to Keeneland. 🙂

  20. The Aly Way says:

    Hi Pink LouLou! Just awarded you the 7 Facts Blog Award! Check out my blog for details
    Thanks for the sweet message, happy you are having a good week!

  21. Tarryn says:

    i love People Style Watch!! And I'm loving the dress I say go for it! 🙂

  22. Mighty Burns says:

    I am answering and the answer is NO! Do it! lol youd look adorable like this too!

  23. Cassie says:

    I love her outfit!

  24. Kim says:

    A tear sheet of all her outfits would be the best thing! I always loved that dress!

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