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I whip ma WEAVE back and forth!

That’s right ladies, you ask and I {finally} deliver!
Let us start from the beginning shall we? When I was born, my parents decided to play a very mean trick on me and give me the most unimaginable-awful-stick straight-thin-mousy-nasty cotton-candy textured hair.
From day 1 I knew I was destined for failure in the hair department. My mom knew next to nothing about hair, so I had to teach myself how to pony-tail, braid, curl, you name it, my own hair. It wasn’t long before I was french braiding little girls hair on the playground, and terrorizing all the little boys in kindergarten with kisses (Chad Moore if you are out there raise your hand) but that is neither here nor there…
Something happened this past spring. Something magical. I was talking to one of my friends about how pretty her hair looked and she said “oh girl, these are hair extensions that I made.”
In the words of Kristen, “SccccccrrrrrRRRR.” (car screetch) Excuse Me. WHAT?

After an extremely thorough explanation, and a trip to the sistas weave shop as I call it, “Ma WEAVE” was born.
I give you the weave, in all it’s glory.
Annnnnd…. because I need you to REALLY know me…. I give you PinkLouLou… SANS weave.

Yes I know I have baby hair, but let us move on.
I know you are itching to know how you too can have your very own weave! So let’s go through step by step how to get yo weave on…

I decided to have my sisters join me for the weave tutorial production, for commentary support obvi.
Here is baby sis {the subject of our presentation} warming up with a glass o vino.

First, there are some very important supplies I will need you to gather.
Duh, hair spray. I swear by this kind.
{the even make ‘the junior” to fit in your purse!)

Osis Dust it. (optional but you girls with hair like me will LOVES it)

some clippies…

a “rat tail” comb. I can’t say that without giggling to myself.

One of these babes… the perfect poof body makin tool

the normal “tool” as we call it…

OK so maybe you don’t need ALL three of these… but I do. They each serve a different purpose, but ladies, you can get by just fine with one 😉
And last but not least, your HAIR! (and clips!)
I really have NO idea what the hair store is named here in Lexington, all I know is I call it the sista weave shop.

Basically, you want to find a store that sells tracks of real human hair. Most of the time they will sell wigs also.
I usually get the 14 inch ones, but you can get longer or shorter. The ones I am wearing in my pic with Carrie (ha like we are on a first name basis) are 14 inches, and are pretty perfect for that kind of look. I also have a shorter weave that I wear down, and one I wear only in ponytails cause it gets more hairspray build up. (ew!) Yes… I have three weaves.
I don’t really have a brand preference, I have had different ones. All seem the same to me so far…
You also want to buy 16 small wig clips. Just ask the ladies where they are and they will help you. They come in different colors too. The small ones hold better I think… and are less noticeable. These ladies are also pro’s at helping you pick out your hair color, since there are 5 million different ones.
Most people can make two weaves out of one “track” (package really) of hair. I use one whole thing for mine, but my hair is so thin and short that I need the thickness of having more hair.
In the example below I was making extensions for my sissies who both have long thicker hair (bitches) so I could get two weaves out of one track. Totally your call if you need the whole thing or just half.
I split the track in half and just cut right down the middle so I have two equal parts. They are wrapped on these little card board thingies so they stay neat and tidy 🙂

Next I unroll it, and lay it all out.

Next step, cut into pieces.
You want 2 sections with three clips. 4 sections with two clips. and 2 sections with 1 clip. Here are approximate lengths for sections.
3 clip piece= 6-7 inches
2 clip piece= 3-4 inches
1 clip piece=1 1/2 inches

Here is a close up of how you put the clips on the hair… 3 on this one

2 on this one…

you get the idea… (and yes that is leopard print carpet. HA! big sis has leopard carpet and walls in her movie room.)

You want to attach the clips by sewing them on, so that the clip part will pop open towards your head, not towards the hair you are sewing on. I know this isn’t a very good explanation, but I forgot to take a pic. Let me know if you need further clarification. There are holes on the clips for sewing purposes.
But if you are a busy-in-a-hurry kinda gal, or ghetto like me, you can also use one of these…

But i must warn you, sometimes you loose a clippy. If you want to do it RIGHT I would sew them on. Especially your first time.
So once the weave is made you will have 8 pieces. If you are like me and want to double it up, cut the other half into exactly the same sized pieces, and just double up each section by sewing on another layer, make sense?
Now you know how to make a weave, and below is the video on how to wear your new best friend!
The key is blending it. I can really only wear my weave curly, otherwise it just looks so fake and obvious (click HERE for that tutorial). But you girls with pretty long thick hair to begin with, can get away with wearing it straight. And for that, I am jealous.
Before you watch this, I must explain a few things.
1. My sisters are hysterical. I have watched this a few times and just laughed at their comments.

2. My sis on the left is NOT really pregnant! I repeat NOT with child. For some reason after a few glasses of wine this seemed “hilarious” to us.

3. Please excuse our Eminem wrap rendition.

4. I apologize in great detail that I was not born for the camera, and am pretty much a horrid explainer, and host!

5. Sorry bout the lighting… we were in the theatre and I didn’t realize how dark it was!
Anyway… I probably should have filmed another better video, but this girl has NO time so this is what you get!
PLEASE email me if you need help or have questions. I hope your new found weave experience brings you as much joy as it has me!
*DISCLAIMER: Any embarrassing stories that result of said weave wearing , for example, losing your weave during a first date, or forgetting your weave is in your purse and pulling it out accidentally at dinner, etc. be immediately submitted to me for entertainment purposes. That is all.

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  1. Allison YOU DID NOT make a 15 minute video on the weave!!!! hahahahahah! This is why we are BEST FRIENDS! Hhahahahah!

  2. Mighty Burns says:

    LOL I can not stop laughing your too cute! I am growing my hair out so I wont be needing this.. but this is awesome!

  3. English says:

    What brand are those extensions?

  4. Meghan says:

    Oh my word! Ya'll are funny! Have you ever tried they come in pieces and with the clips already on them. Youtube has alot of videos about them.

  5. Samantha says:

    Haha the video is too cute! I need to go get me a weave. My hair is thin, straight, and bleh! Thanks for the video tutorial <3

  6. Rach says:

    Your extensions look so pretty and natural. I've tried extensions, but my hair is way to thick to make it look natural. Oh gosh my roommate when I lived in the sorority house wore a weave, but it was straight ghetto. Like super long, black synthetic hair that would shed everywhere. One morning after she spent the night at some random frat guy's house, she asked me to drive her back there because she had left part of her weave in his bed! Seven months later and I STILL find long black strands of fake hair stuck to my clothes. Yuck!

  7. Jill says:

    Now I think I need me a weave. Problem? My hair is kinda two-tone right now…but I think Britt is gonna fix me up next week. I think I might need some of that dusting powder too…it was so poofy with just a touch! A-MAZING! You have the best hair. You think you don't but it always looks awesome. I would one day like a poof ponytail video. By the time i get the ponytail holder in my poof is pretty flat.

  8. KWR says:

    Oh my gosh.. I am totally guilty of throwing my weave in my purse to go somewhere and forgetting about it.. and then going to pay for something at like a Target, and my wallet getting totally caught up in it. You get the STRANGEST looks when you're digging for you wallet in a clump of hair.. haha whoops!

  9. Gina says:

    I have hair just like yours. What is that pink product all about?

  10. Emily says:

    Your video is too cute and so are your sisters!!!!

    thanks lou lou!!

  11. I'm seriously going to the weave shop tomorrow and singing "Need You Now" a la Lady A to ma weave. I have the finest hair ever and it's driving me cray. Thank you for posting…my husband won't recognize mama tomorrow night!

  12. Sophie P says:

    So good! I've used hair extensions a couple of times but feel the 'blending' part was never quite right- you're a natural at this stuff Loulou!!! XXX

  13. Girrrl, you are awesome. I would have never guessed that you wear a weave–you make it look so perfect! Loves.

    I just need to master the poof. I attempted today and it's just not workin' le sigh….

  14. LOVE IT! I totally want to do this now. NEW FOLLOWER! If you want to see who I am, you can find me at:

    april@Party of Five

  15. Ashley says:

    Your hair is gorgeous! I'm super jealous!

    Your video tutorials are the best, and you and your sisters are adorable! Thanks for sharing the video!

  16. Uh…I totally want to go to my nearest weave shop and get one now! And I'm getting that powder, too. It's AMAZING!

    I completely LMAO at "Jack Frost, stay the hell away from my toes!"

  17. Traci says:

    Thanks for posting this! 🙂

  18. The Aly Way says:

    Thank you so much for the tutorial! You and your sisters are adorable! Oh my goodness, I totally agree with the sticky powder. It is a miracle worker!
    Fabulous blog!

    ~ ~

  19. Elle says:

    Such a helpful video! I've used hairdo by Ken Paves and it's just way too long, and although it matches my hair really well, it is just too fake-looking. I went out today and bought hairuwear (on sale at ULTA for $40), I followed your instructions, and it looks so great! Thanks Allison!

  20. Ohmyfreakingawd that is so hilarious! I have three sisters and we act just like the three of you! SO glad you finally put this together; I can't believe how natural it looks. I've got to find a weave shop myself and get up on the gorgeousness!

  21. Abby Farnham says:

    i have such thin, blonde hair. i've finally gotten my hair to grow long… but i want it longer. i've got to do extensions. pronto. i live in lexington. i know you mentioned you don't remember the name of the place but do you remember where abouts it is? i have no idea where to even begin to go to a weave/wig store… email:

  22. Lauren says:

    this is the most amazing, hilarious, fabulous thing i've seen all day. I don't even need it, but you have me desperately wanting mah own weave, haha!

  23. Emily says:

    great video! can't wait to try this on my sister.
    btw, I totally wondered why the pregnant girl was drinking wine! LOL she was distracting me, too!

  24. Oh my word…I love this. Once I find a 'sista weave shop' in my area, I will definitely be making my own weave. I also loveeee that you call it the sista weave shop hahaha. I'm a little worried that curling it will loosen the clips though…hmm. Your hair always looks gorg though so i'm assuming i'm wrong. Thank again PLL!

  25. jessica. says:

    LOVE this! I've never seriously considered extensions until watching your video. I think my bestie and I may just give it a try next weekend! Thanks for the inspiration!

  26. Leslie says:

    The description of your hair prior to the weave is my hair to the TEE. I swear I have the thinnest hair ever.. and it's so fine. I need to try me some WEAVE!! 😉 haha Thanks for the tutorial!

  27. melissa says:

    This is beyond awesome. You and your sissies crack me up. I have no faith in my ability to put in a weave (and I'm way too lazy to do that everyday) but you made it look so fun I want to try it!

    Love the videos! Hope you'll do more in the future!

  28. Ha I have a few pieces of red hair for a weave back in the day… I once had a guy ask if he could pull my hair and I was like helllllllll no this is a WEAVE! lol.. Said boy is now the BF lol.. Oh the good old days..

  29. Brown Girl says:

    Haha, this is awesome. You did a good job explaining it but your sis with the bump that is NOT pregnant just cracked me up!

  30. I need to find a sista weave shop!! I'm kind of nervous to wander my little blonde self into the ghetto to find one. I have only tried what I call "my Jessica's", the HairDo and it's too thick to look natural. Then I found another brand but it looked dumb so I only put it in a bun or pony. I need real hair weave!! My friends all make fun of it after a night of going out b/c it's always just sitting on the bedside table… once I walked out of my friends boyfriends house in front of all of his friends with my weave in my hands (cause I can't sleep on it) and they thought I had a pet! hahaha

  31. Kat says:

    I am so jealous. My hair is so thin that I don't even know what to do with it. It's also (now) freakin' long which mean it's thinner and flatter than usual. Gross. Gross. Gross.

  32. Myra says:

    I want to be your sister!!! Y'all are hilarious & SO freakin' cute! Please make me your honorary sister & do my hair too.


  33. Lisa says:

    You are the cutestt ! I love your blog, I wish we were friends! You are too funny! hhaah thanks for the tut!


  34. You absolutely MUST double up the hair! Sew one piece onto the top two wholes of the clip and another piece onto the bottom two holes.

    Here's another tip. You must get human hair, and if the colour doesn't match perfectly, you bring it to your hairstylist to colour it to match yours 😉

    I have the exact same homemade extensions and wear just two 'tracks' in the back and only wear it curly or in a ponytail.
    They are life changing!!

    p.s. my latest blog post is on this topic 😉

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