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La Discussion- Longer Lashes

Hi girls!

Why yes I did have a great time with my bloggy girlfriends last night at manicures and martini’s!

And yes Adam’s car is just fine from the run-in I had with a pole. In my defense, it was a half pole therefore I could not see it, and luckily his bumper is pretty resilient.

On to the matter at hand: longer eyelashes.

It is quite comical how I no longer turn to say google, or take the time to research a beauty topic, because I know I have YOU ALL! I know someone out there has already tried and figured out the best way to do whatever it is I am wanting to know, plus I trust y’all a whole lot more! So here we go…

After my run in with a certain celebrity last week, it became apparent to yours truly that the PinkLouLou is in fact, lacking in the eyelash department. I have always known I have little babythinshortBLAH eyelashes, but I thought I did an alright job of beefin’ em up?? Wrong. I need help.

I swear by Loreal beauty tubes in blackest black. It is fab and gives skinny lashed girls like me a true voila awakening. However I decided that I wanted to take a go in the false eyelash department. I figure I have fake hair half the time, why not just do it all and go for the lasehs too! HA. I bought the individual ones and all I ended up with was pieces of eyelash and stinky glue all over my face.

Strike 1.

So I have now bought some little beauties like these from MAC.

My questions is, how the heck do y’all put them on and make them not scream I AM WEARING FAKE EYELASHES??? I need tips. GO. I want to look like these gals, but I can’t afford the $400 a pop ones they put on professionally. Because that is just silly, I am a single gal {on a budget for one} and momma needs shoes more than she needs eyelashes. I need your help/tips/horror stories so I do not end up looking like this. I will let you in on a secret, I am wearing ma little falsies today. I feel like I did alright?? But who knows… Anyway, that is all. I am off to have wine with my newly engaged little Leah Bear! YAY! Her bling bling is getting sized currently but I can assure you from the pics I have seen so far, she is rockin about a 6 carat.

😉 ok maybe not 6 but the thing is BLINDING!

  1. Amber says:

    Oh sweetie – I'm totally with you. I've got the most pathetic eye lashes EVER! They are so blonde that you can't even see them if I don't have on mascara and so short. I'm thinking about using Latisse. I can get it through my employer at a discount and I'm seriously considering it. I will let you know if I do!

    I think you did a great job putting your lashes. I just don't have the patience for that each day.

    And do celebs really pay $400 for fake lashes? I mean, I know they've got tons of money – but let's be serious!

  2. Amber says:

    I think you look great! There are a ton of You Tube videos that have great how to videos. Find the one by Kandee Johnson or MakeupByTiffanyD-they are the best You Tube beauty guru's!

  3. Very natural but also glamorous!

  4. Natalie says:

    They look great! I am listening in to other responses as I am going to try fake lashes for my NYE party and have no clue how to apply them?!

  5. Rach says:

    Girl I feel your pain. I have short short eyelashes. I don't get it cause I have thick beautiful hair on my head but God must have made a boo boo and forgotten my lashes and eyebrows! I wear fake lashes a lot, even during the daytime. MAC makes really good quality lashes and the best part is that if you are gentle with them they will last through many uses. You look great in the pics you posted, but if they still look too fake to you, try half lashes. They enhance more the middle and outer edges of your eye and are way easier to apply than full strip lashes, where it's easy for the lashes to pop off towards your inner eye and look ridiculous. Just make sure you use mascara to blend in your natural lashes with the fake ones and you should be fine!

  6. Erica says:

    I have naturally long eyelashes and so does a lot of people in my family,even my three year old niece has them. It can sucks when you cry(especially with her) they get all close together and they look wet and when she is sick they get a lot of stuff in them and every morning its the sleepy eye is awful.XO

  7. LivKit says:

    Yours look great! I think mine are perfectly fine without them but Ive always wanted to try the fake ones!

  8. Beth says:

    if you find out any tips…pass 'em this way. i got some fake lashes to wear for NYE. but my last attempt at putting them on for halloween was an epic fail.

    p.s. for the record…i think you did a great job with your lashes today.

  9. Kristin says:

    Love how you made your header xmas theme! so cute!

  10. Chelsi Baird says:

    AS a lot of the celebs do go get professional eye lashes put on. I did it for my wedding and for the next few months after that because I loved them so much. They look completly natural, you get to choose the length you want. Just call your beauty salons or go on the internet and try to find someone near you that does them. They take about 40 mintues for the stylist to put on and they last usually around 7-8 weeks.

    I love them! I have long eye lashes as it is so I don't use them anymore but they were amazing for my wedding and I got lots of compliments on them. Best thing about it.. you don't even have to wear mascara, it looks like you already are! Just wake up, put your face make up and eye liner and your done 🙂

  11. Interesting topic! I have never used fake lashes before, so unfortunately I don't know much about them. You look great in your pictures–I can't tell they're fake at all! I've always been scare that they'd slip during the day and get out of place and then everyone would be able to see my eyelashes all wacky and fake and misplaced! haha. I'm lucky to have pretty long eyelashes naturally, but they're blondish so I definitely have to use mascara every day!

    Congrats to your blinged-out friend! I wanna be in looooooove! 🙂

  12. Morgan says:

    I was like 6 carats! whoa baby!

    I have no clue about false eyelashes. Just be careful about them being too long. Mine are naturally long and they hit my sunglasses and annoy the heck out of me. But if that doesn't bother you, the longer the better!

  13. GIRLFRAN! I did a vlog on how to apply falsies, but it looks like you did just fine …

  14. Jamie says:

    Ohhhh I love them! Very pretty 🙂

  15. How fun to meet up with bloggers!! Jealous 🙂

    I love the falsies. Although I don't know anything about them, but I do love the way I look.

  16. Oh I love fake lashes! The ones you got look like they could be believable. The other girl who said MAC is a great resource is right and they have a huge variety!

    I always find that the 'half' lashed look the most real since the lashes closest to your tear ducts are naturally a little shorter. You can trim any full length set to turn them into halfs.

    Here are some tips that work for me:
    1. Apply black eyeliner (I use liquid) to your lash line. If you normally don't wear thick eyeliner that's ok; a thin line is really all you need since you're just trying to blend your real lashline with your fake one.
    2. Mascara. Some say that you should apply mascara to your real lashes first and then apply the fakes. No further mascara is needed. However, others insist on applying mascara after the fakes are on so that it helps blend the real and fake together. Either way, it will work, but just know that if you apply mascara after, you risk 'delodging' the fake lashes with the mascara wand and you also limit the lifetime of the fakes since they can get gooped up with mascara and deformed over time.
    3. Use CLEAR glue! Don't be fooled by the white ones that say they dry clear; they really don't!

    Good luck with the lashes!

  17. I'm totally addicted to fake eyeslashes now.I can't go out without it anymore.With it,my eyes look much more bigger than ever.I remembered first time putting on it took almost 1 hour.My bf almost pissed off because of that.Haha..I think practice make perfect.I'm doing quite well now in putting on it.

    Your silence follower,

  18. Kelsey says:

    I have short lashes too! MAC does have some amazing ones! I think that you did just fine putting them on, butas chelsi said you can check out salons. I know a lot of girls that get them put on and its so much the first time then you keep getting them filled in when needed.

  19. Amen sister! I am totally envious of all the long-lashed ladies out there… Although it takes me FOREVER to do, I bought some individual ones from Sephora (the brand was Makeup Forever). It takes much longer to put them on individually, but makes a huge difference when it comes to being able to tell if they're falsies or not. I used to use the pre-grouped ones (the ones where you put the entire thing on one eyelid), and I just could never get it to look realistic. Even better, with the individual pieced ones, you have complete control over how thick you want them to be… depending on what the occasion is. I got an email from a lady who does Novalash in my area at a local salon who is doing an amazing promotion for a full set for $100… when they're usually like $300-$400. I'm thinking I might just try them out, and see how they look! I am a little worried I'll get addicted though…!

  20. Mandy says:

    to me the secret is two things… 1. Trim the lashes. That example you show of lashes (like not on a person) should probably have about 1/3 cut off to fit your eye. You want to enhance your own not totally replace. place them more toward the outer corner. 2. Mascara! You put it on before and after your lashes are on. This blends yours and the falsies.

    Looking at the photos you posted I would never guess you had on fakes so you may not need my tips at all! Either way, good luck! (I am actually one of those people blessed with huge long lashes, but I still wear fakes and am jealous of those celeb style ones, too!)

  21. Angie says:

    I have the most horrible lashes, so I also use MAC falsies, but have the toughest time getting them on. The only time I've actually been successful is when they put them on me when I got my makeup done at the MAC counter. ugh!

    Also – to try and grow the ones I have, I use Become Brow and Lash Extender. It's very comparable to Latisse, but much much more affordable!

  22. Girl, you are already rocking them!!! I have to know…do you wear extensions? I think I may have seen a post a ways back but couldn't figure it out or not. I must know (if you do) where you get them. I am dying for extensions!

    LOVE your blog! You are REAL and I appreciate that!

  23. ahhh I have the same problem as you..I see people like Kim Kardashian and I WANT her (fake) eyelashes! lol One of my girlfriends worked at a MAC counter so I've tried theirs which work wonderful..but if you use them frequently like I do it can tend to get expensive at $14 a piece! I've gotten Mod Lash from CVS and I think they might even have them at Walmart and they are only $3.99 and work perfectly..I've gotten quite a few wears out of 1 pair and they look very natural. I buy #53 in black and they seem to be just enough without being too dramatic! Hope this helps 🙂 xoxo

  24. Jessica says:

    I think the falsies you have on look great! They look very natural. Back in my pageant days a lot of us girls went to salons to have individual lashes put in. It is kind of tedious but it's totally worth it. They usually charge around $100+ a set but they last 4-6 weeks. They look totally natural and you don't have to wear mascara with them, but if you do they just look that much more amazing.

  25. Laura says:

    You are morphing into Carrie before our very eyes!

    Good luck with the lashes, they look great in the pictures above. I'm too scared to try, although I have some friends who are very successful with them. I'm just not so skill 🙂

    Thanks for your sweet comment, I would love the blog help but understand that this is a busy time. Let me know when you have some time. I need to perk it up quite a bit, I like your layout, but am thinking about a three column. Something classic with a twist. we'll talk 🙂

  26. Hi LouLou! I am a makeup artist and I LOVE false eyelashes..I go with the half lashes as they look more natural. I also use the black waterproof glue because even if you mess up it still looks like great eyeliner! I get mine at CVS, Target or Sally's Beauty supply!

  27. Mateya says:

    I think they look great! I really need to try them too…my lashes are so blonde they are barely noticeable!

  28. Girl get the ones from Target or where ever you can only wear them so many times so the MAC ones are totally not worth it I get the $4.99 ones from target, get black lash glue not white! Then it blends into the eyeliner. They say to look down into a mirror when putting them on because that helps you put them on better and get closer to the lash line.

  29. Mighty Burns says:

    Ardell is a good brand. You can buy different thinkness. I think its something like #53/#52 I buy these lashes from Walgreens or a CVS called Mod Lashes. The glue is a little tricky but I like to think I have mastered some tricks. The main on is to me, is to not buy them super thick or freakishly long.

  30. Jill says:

    I have never tried falsies, but I want bettah lashes. FTR I did not think your eyelashes looked fake last night, they looked GOOD! In fact earlier today I was looking at the pic of the 3 of us and was like…"why do my eyelashes suck while theirs are so freakin long?!" I have been using 'The Falsies' mascara and despite good reviews…uh no. Waste of $. Good luck with your Carries! 🙂

  31. The best glue for falsies is Duo in "Dark Tone" (you can get it at the drug store, it's a pink and white tube)- the glue is gray in the tube, but dries black, so you don't have to worry about it being visible since it blends right in with your eyeliner!

  32. Kathleen says:

    I just found your blog…hence my late response 🙂 As a ballet dancer I had to wear these a lot for shows. Because they can start to clump or break over time, I just use the cheaper CVS/Target ones. Get clear glue not white! I put eye liner on first, then curl my real eyelashes. Make sure the eyelashes are cut to fit your eye, I do about 3/4 of my eye. After you put the glue on the lashes, let it dry a bit so it's tacky before you adhere- it stays on better. Then I use an eyelash brush to brush my natural lashes into the fakes, and oftentimes use a coat of mascara to help them bind even better. Have fun!

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