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Elf Yourself 2010 and a little Terror in Toyland

Hey ladies!

Long time no talk?? I have been SWAMPED with life and work! Long story short, I found out last week my company is cutting ties from our parent company, so we have to move offices and be out by like, tomorrow. So it’s been a little nuts. But this girl is excited because that means brand new office, and brand new Imac. Holla!

Pair that work stress with all of the Christmas cheer that has been going on and you have one busy busy PinkLouLou! I haven’t had time to do squat, I feel so far away from you ALL! I should be spanked for poor blog attendance AND for poor email etiquette. Luckily I am off a week and a half and will have time to catch up. *smiles*

We had a festive, ugly sweater Christmas party this past weekend; however sissy and I decided to fore go the ugly sweaters, and sported some glorious Kmart lingerie instead. We classed it up with turtlenecks and leggings haha. Somehow we got the boys to dress as elves… tights and all. It was priceless. For your viewing pleasure…

Check out this fancy purse. Maggie was gifted this for reals from her g-ma I do believe. Along with this chic nightie.

This is one of my favorite outfits… this culprit shall remain faceless.

Just kidding, he needed to be known. You might recognize him as Mr. Storytelling… from here!

Our festive shoes… yes I just had these sitting in my closet.

Chrissy hangin in her baller tinsel skirt. That was just genius Chris.

grown man in a pink bunny onsie. standard.

In other news, whilst sipping on some pinot grigio the other night, I perused this book my mom bought titled Scared of Santa.
Oh ma word. Priceless.
I was always terrified of Santa as a child, as I am sure most of you were. I mean seriously that man is frightening. I laughed all the way through this book and just knew that you all wanted to see these gems as well. Here are some of my favorites…

I can’t decide if little Elizabeth Alice is more afraid of Santa, or pissed that her hat is ruining her poof.

If one Santa is bad, a room full of them is a kiddie apocalypse. Little Andrew was just trying to mind his own business, when he and his family stumbled Blair Witch-like on a workshop full of Santa’s…

This photo is great. Please notice the variety of expressions, as well as the fact that little sissy is being held by her jacket, to keep her from running away.

Sheer, and utter pandemonium.

Stop, don’t come any closer. Save yourself!!

This girl is just pissed her mom put her in that dress…

This little girl definitely just messed herself.

These next two are so expressive, I can literally hear the terror in their screams…

She is lying. She does NOT love Santa…

And last but not least, this is without a doubt my favorite. Little Pamela let’s out a gale-force scream, all while still gripping tightly to her candy cane.
Merry Christmas girls!!!! xoxoxo

  1. These are hysterical! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. BelleinBows says:

    Those pictures with Santa are hilarious. Sorry you have been so busy, but I am happy that you get a little break now.

  3. The crying kids pictures are priceless! Too funny! And I love your Kmart special outfits…seriously too cute!

  4. MJ says:

    Those outfits are great! And those Santa pictures, too funny!!

  5. Laura says:

    bahahaha! those outfits are awesome, who doesn't love the KMart lingerie section? you totally classed it up!

  6. Mateya says:

    Oh gosh those photos are hilarious!

  7. just got caught laughing like a creeper while reading this at work haha, several people stuck their head in my office to try and figure out where the laughter was coming from. love the pics.

  8. Leslie says:

    Okay the Kmart Special was a SUCCESS!! What a genius idea! Ya'll looked adorable!
    And I love all of those Santa pics.. hilarious!

  9. Katy says:

    Um the second to last pic looks a lot like my daughter, who was too terrified to see santa this year. I must say that "santa babydoll" nightgown from kmart is uber fancy! lols!
    We had an ugly sweater party last year and looks like there sprouting up everywhere now! I kinda want all parties to have ridiculous embarrassing themes.
    Merry Christmas!!!

  10. L0veLindsey says:

    Oh, what fun!! I love the lingerie idea.. multi purpose 😉 I can't wait to be settled in enough to have a Christmas party.. next year perhaps!

  11. love the santa pics! and your green heels are amazing..its crazy how you can find SOMETHING in your closet to go with everything!


  12. Amber says:

    No need for apologies sweet girl – I've been busy as well and blogging is hit or miss these days for me too!

    Love all the pictures of the crazy outfits at your party. It looked like a blast.

    OMG – those Scared of Santa pictures are too die for. Seriously just made my day!

  13. Ashley says:

    so much fun! i love the lingerie!

  14. Samantha says:

    Love the pictures and lingerie. Have a Merry Christmas! (:

  15. Kelsey says:

    Love Love your outfit!

  16. Those pics are great! Love your shoes too so pretty & festive 🙂

  17. CMae says:

    You and your friend with the red and green shoes what great outfits! love it!

  18. Jessica says:

    I started cracking up at the jingle balls tshirt.. haha! This looks like fun and I love you and your sissy's outfits! We had a tacky Christmas sweater party at my boyfriend's apartment last year but we did not look this cute. Seriously tacky didn't even cover it. And what cute green shoes you have!

  19. OMG ha totally loving the kmart lingerie that's hilarious and cheap! ha I don't think I've ever been to a Kmart!

  20. Jess says:

    You and your sister look sooo cute!! The outfits are genious and cuute!! Lets face it, Santa could be a verrrry skeeeerrry big man in RED! bahaha whoooo to the new office pad child, you will have to blog about your new office decor!

  21. Marian says:

    As if I didn't have a giggle fest over the "Jingle Balls" shirt…those Santa pics are priceless!!

  22. Mighty Burns says:

    lol I almost wish I was affraid of him so I could have one of my very own lol.
    You look adorable! I love your green shoes

  23. Christa says:

    LOVE these pictures!!! Your blog is adorable…new follower! 🙂

  24. Mandy says:

    You and your sissy are adorbs!

  25. Ummmm, why do all of those Santas look like child molesters? What kind of sickos submit their children to such torture? ;o)

  26. KWR says:

    "Jingle BELLS!" — absolutely priceless!!


  28. hahahaha LOVE all the Santa pictures!

  29. Jillian says:

    Those were HILARIOUS!! and the sad thing is if you go to my blog I have a real life one of my daughter doing it:)

  30. Jill says:

    I wanted to comment since I had yet to do so! LOVE your costumes for the party and A's outfit is pretty hilarious too! The Santa pictures…priceless! I know you've had a crazy week girl…so I hope you have a nice and relaxing Christmas! <3 you!

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