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Sadie Belle Speaks

It’s me, Sadie. We gotta chat.

First of all, there was NO birthday post for me yesterday, and I know this because my bff’s Tugger and Lilly texted and told me so. That hooker who calls herself my mom freaking forgot my birthday. She says she didn’t, but I know she only remembered on her way home from work. She picked me up from daycare (nana and pop’s house) and had the nerve to stop at KROGER and buy me some new toys and bones. Don’t think I didn’t know she hid them in the grocery bags. I could smell the beggin strips as she walked up to the car. Sadie Belle aint no fool.

I am currently participating in a “pug crawl” trying to drown out my feelings of neglect.She forgets my birthday, but don’t you know she would never forget to snap a sassy pic of herself in her cute new jeggings.Psh. Momma please. And then she tries to tell me the reason she goes out on the weekends is because “momma’ s just trying to find you a daddy Sadie Belle!” yeah right. I’ve heard that before; quit pretending it is for me. You hardly introduce me half the time.

And can we please talk about my toenails?? They are so long little kids are running away from me. Yet LouLou, you go get yours done, drink your wine, and have “Tammy” massage your feet. Seriously, I have resorted to filing them myself. On your new quilt.

So, because I am emotionally charged and suffering from such massive neglect from all of my cheap ass pound-dog gifts, I have taken it upon myself to compile a Christmas list for this year, just so we both know where the expectations lie. I would hate for one of us to be disappointed…again…

For starters, I want a new coat and boots. Actually, I want this white fur coat too while you are at it.

I want an all day trip to the park.

I want a trip to the beach. I want to be a unicorn for Halloween next year. None of this South of the Border Sadie crap…

I want a baby sister. See what you can do about that… And most importantly, to make up for your lack of adequate party planning skills this year, I want a margarita bash next year for the big number 5. You realize you have a YEAR to plan this, so NO excuses.

That pretty much covers it. I am sauced at this point, so you are gonna have to come pick me up. Jose’ and I have been hittin it pretty hard, Happy Birthday to me.

XOXO, Sadie Belle
  1. delaurah says:

    Dear Sadie,

    First, happy belated! And I am ashamed to say that I am actually writing so LouLou can tell me where she got those cute jeggings! So if you're not too mad at her, please ask her for me 🙂


  2. Ashley says:

    How funny! Definitely made me laugh out loud! And the jeggings are super cute!

  3. Manda says:

    This is too cute!! My Abby Lynn could have written the same post about me back in April!!

  4. MntJulep says:

    Sadie, you are too much! You and Palmer would get along nicely, if you don't care to be a sugar momma and date outside of your breed. 🙂

  5. Kerr says:

    omg this is fantastic!

    Sadie, happy birthday darlin!

  6. Precious! Happy Birthday Sadie! Give your momma a break – she might have forgotten a but, but you know she loves you and probably spoils you rotten!

  7. Lauren says:

    OMG hilarious!! Happy belated bday Sadie!!

  8. Rach says:

    This made me laugh out loud! Happy birthday Sadie!

  9. MKL says:

    Hahaha… that was funny xD

  10. wow. this made me laugh out loud. absolutely hilarious!! happy belated sadie.

  11. Haha!!! Those pics were too funny!! Happy BDay Sadie 🙂

  12. Mrs. Nelson says:

    OMG I couldn't stop laughing and smiling when I read this. Toooooo cute! 🙂

  13. Sadie, I'm with you girl, that LouLou is a birthday forgettin' SLUT! Who needs her? You know what you do need? A good trip down to Georgia to see how dog, uh, I mean, CHILD, birthdays are thrown down. With all the love you haven't been gettin', I'm pretty sure she wouldn't even notice you were gone. Holler at me if you need the cash, ain't no Sadie Belle ridin' no Greyhound.

  14. Leslie says:

    oh this is HILARIOUS!! too cute!

  15. HAHAHAHAHA! I officially <3 Sadie.

  16. Brown Girl says:

    HAHA, happy birthday Sadie! Your mom is poop.

    What? I'm on her side! 😉

  17. omg, this literally made me laugh out loud!

  18. melissa says:

    Happy Birthday Sadie! Take it easy on your momma, she's alright. 🙂

  19. Jessica says:

    OH MAH GAWD. That fur coat is a must have!

  20. OMG is right your hilarious. I forgot my pups birthday too they weren't very happy. Lets talk about this closet though omg huge is that yours?

  21. Mighty Burns says:

    lol did you take all of those or find them somewhere? Either way, I was not expecting to read/see that this today lol thank you.

  22. This. Is. Ridiculous. Love it!

  23. Tarryn says:

    Such a cute post!! Tell her happy belated birthday from Coco & myself!! Our doggy babies were born the same year similar to our family doggies! 🙂 Maybe you should set her up on a date? 😉

  24. This is HILARIOUS!!!! I love reading your posts, and I love that you love your puppy like a child. So sweet. 🙂

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