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Randoms. Oh and a Carrie story…

I just need to write some random things that are going through my head right now.

Gosh darn it thank you girls. Thanks for the sweet comments and emails. I promise to quit being so darn emo in my posts! haha

So here’s a little funny story for you today.

Sometimes I get told I look like Carrie Underwood. (often by some of YOU lovelies!) If y’all have read any of my blog, or know me, you know how much this makes me just want to scream for joy and just give you the biggest kiss. I freaking love Carrie, so it just makes my day when someone tells me that. Well here is a list of some random places I have been told I look like the fabulous Miss Carrie …

On an airplane
During a job interview
Beside a copy machine
Bathroom at Keeneland
The Carrie Underwood concert….
Etc. etc…

BUT can I just tell you about my morning. I by far had the most random, awkward Carrie Underwood look a-like comment ever.

There I was. Sans any of my clothes. A lovely blue floral sheet draped over me. Walls covered by pictures of funny looking newborn babies surrounding me, just staring. Then it happened.

As my feet were in the stirrups, and Dr. B was examining all or my womanly glory, he said it. “Has anyone ever accused you of looking like Carrie Underwood?”

OMG. Is this really happening.

I replied “Well not from this angle!”

Ok I kid, I didn’t say that. I just started dying laughing. Usually the awkward-try-to-make-you-feel-comfotable-but-no-chance-in-hell-of-actually-doing-so small talk at the gynecologist consists of the weather, or my summer plans, not my doppelganger.

I wanted to roll off the table. I just started dying laughing. I don’t know if I was just so uncomfortable, or slap happy because I hadn’t had my diet coke, but I’m telling you it was freaking hysterical. Then I start laughing even more thinking about my best friend Chrissy and the time she actually did fall off the exam table. Ohmygosh, needless to say-a comical start to my day.

So now I am thinking if Chrissy and I have had these super funny moments in that special woman doctors office, there have got to be more of you out there with embarrassing stories. SPILL IT LADIES. I want to hear ‘em. Maybe we should do a fun prize? I don’t know. Email or comment with your story, and I will love you for making me laugh today.

  1. Café Moka says:

    Oh my god! That's hilarious!!!

  2. Wow~ so funny! Oh, and I went to the W, so I think that, at least for a little while, we were kind of like neighbors. 🙂

  3. Amber says:

    Not sure if I would classify mine as funny or just really awkward, but here it goes. My old gyno (I've since switched, but for completely unrelated reasons) knew my husband as a child because his daughter went to school with my husband. At my first ever appoinment with him, the gyno decides that the middle of my exam is a good time to start reminiscing about my husband as a little boy…really?!?!

  4. Brit says:

    I have one but it is way too embarrassing. It involves crusty panties flying through the air.

  5. Ooooh goodness ya akward lol. I luckily don't have any but my girlfriend once threw her panties out the second story window of my apartment in San Francisco because she was drunk and said they were uncomfortable. We never found them the next morning.. Strange people in SF..

  6. you know youre insane right?? love you!! package mailed today! keep a look out for it!!

  7. Natalie says:

    Oh goodness, I know they are trying to just talk to you to make the exam go by quicker but sometimes I just want the doc to not speak to me.

    I was at my chiro getting an adjustment (lower back) when he told me I looked like Taylor Swift. I have heard it many times before, must be the hair? We both have blondish naturally curly hair.

  8. Tarryn says:! wow – awkward and funny! I once had the doc ask me where her son could get a job I was like um I really don't want to be talking about your son right now!! I do have this odd thing where I won't go to a guy though… I don't know why I just can't too awkward I guess!

  9. Haha — You have a MAN doctor?? For your lady parts?? Wowie! I can't believe your friend rolled off the exam table. Can you share the whole story sometime? Oh and you totally should've said "Not from this angle!" I don't have any personal awkward stories about the gyno, but I have a funny "friend of a friend" story. My aunt is a hairdresser so she knows a lot of people/hears a lot of stories. One of her male customers was having surgery "down below." He was waiting for a nurse to come in and shave his parts, when in walks A LADY FROM HIS CHURCH who is a nurse at that hospital. A lady from his church shaved his parts. Then they saw each other at church some time after that. Awkward turtle.

  10. E. Lacy says:

    Let me preface this with these are not my own stories (but if they're not mine then you know who's they are…) BUT let's just say there was a mirror involved with a "getting to know yourself" session, as well as a COMPLETELY different tutorial on a similar region of the body that included "probing for foreign bodies". Swear. you'll have to take me out for a pinot grig before i'll tell you the whole story. ; ).

  11. Stephanie says:

    HA-soooo funny…I agree, you totally should have said Well, not from this angle." LOLOL

    I'm suuuuuper modest so just the idea of going to the gyno every year scares the shyte out of me. Last year, I got all "de-robed" and had on my fabulous "party gown" as they call it. Got my feet up in the stirrups and prepared myself for THE most awkward 2 minutes of my life. My doc knew how much I hated this and just wanted it to be over…stat. So my doc lifted up my party gown and then informed me that I "forgot to take my panties off". LOL DUH…that's the whole purpose in the entire visit!!! Talk about feeling like an idiot…stuff like this is always happening to me! I swear.

  12. Rach says:

    Probably TMI but you asked for it haha! I was having problems with my bladder, so my gyno had to practically put her entire arm up me to feel it from the inside. She pressed on my bladder the wrong way and I peed all over her arm, the table, and some of the floor. I was soooo embarrassed! That was 3 years ago and she still jokes about it every time I go in.

  13. Abby says:

    Omiword, this is hilarious! And I really wish you WOULD have said, "Not from this angle!" Ha!

  14. AbbyS. says:

    HA!! How funny! I hate that moment of awkward small talk at the gyno!
    Love this story and I am so glad it was the first thing I read this morning!
    Hope today is equally as humorous.

  15. Amber says:

    Bahaha…that IS funny! I have never had a moment like that at the doctor thankfully. 🙂

  16. Mama Smors says:

    That is the funniest thing I have heard in a while!!! I really wish you would have said "not from this angle"!!!! hahaha

  17. Oh my goodness, I would have died if you really did say 'not from this angle!!' Too funny… and I would love to hear how Chrissy actually fell off the table. To be honest, I don't have anything that comes close… thank goodness! I just tend to chatter away… which I do when I am uncomfortable, to make the apt going as quickly as possible!

  18. That is hysterical. The first time I ever went to the doctor I was of course very nervous. Well my Dad's a doctor and knew my gynocologist. While I'm in the stirrups he decided to start casual conversation by bringing up my Dad with little tid bits like "Your Dad's a good golfer". Throw Up in my mouth awful, ha.

  19. That is hilarious! I love reading your blog. It really brightens my day as I sit in my grey cubicle wondering what all is going on in the blog world. I am not sure how I stumbled upon you, but I am glad I did. Your stories really remind me of my group of girl friends!!!

  20. Hannah says:

    I seriously laughed hard when I read the part about what your doctor said. Then laughed even harder when I got to the part about your friend falling off the table! No doubt about it, I can always read your blog for a good laugh. My next doctor's visit is Tuesday. I'm hoping nothing crazy or off the wall happens, but if it does, I'll be sure to let you know. Happy Friday, sweet girl!

  21. Kerr says:

    omg that is fantastic! I would have died right there on the table. I am going next week to someone new, I hope I can keep my giggles to a minimum! have a good weekend!

  22. Whitney says:

    That's hilarious! That would have had to been so awkward!

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