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Confess Sesh

Hello lovelies, it has been a few weeks since I have confessed, and you know I have things that need to be voiced to the world wide web.

1. Lets start with last week. Whilst tailgating Chrissy and I set up shop at this lovely abandoned table for a much needed primp sesh. It was a hot muggy day and we looked like sweaty, kinky haired messes. Nothing a little hairspray, curling iron, makeup touch ups couldn’t fix! Thank you UK tennis court bathrooms for your fine hand dryers and accessible outlets.
2. I did my eyeliner while driving this morning and got a dirty look from some not nice girl next to me. I think she was just upset that she didn’t have any eyeliner. Just sayin’.

3. I made new hair extensions (ma weave) this past weekend as my old ones were getting skanky, and also to reflect my new lowlights (see, they are there)

and I was doing so in a hurry. I did not have time to sew them on the clippies, so I did the most ghetto thing ever, and I hot glued them on.
No lie.

4. I constructed a bachelorette veil for one of my cutie pie friends last night. At a bar. I was running late (surprised?), so I took all supplies (tulle, sewing kit, hot glue gun and scissors) with me and made the cutest little veil ever! Drinks with girls, and fulfilling PinkLouLou orders. I call that simple time management.
5. Because of said veil in said bar, the bartender confused us for a bachelorette party and delivered us 6 shots. I assured him that if it was a bachelorette party that he would know it, and the simple fact that Javier was not present, and there were not pink feathers scattered all of the bar, that this clearly, was not a bachelorette party. Chrissy and I split the six shots.
6. My sweet beautiful Brooke friend (see below) is in med school, and we have decided that we shall throw “botox and booze” parties in five years. Yep. GENIUS.
That’s all I got for ya my LouLou loves! I want to hear what you girls have been up to!! Link up at the bottom if you want to play along! I love reading your confessions!

{sidenote: if you have problems copying the link code, I still don’t know what to tell ya, ha! Kristen can do it just fine??}
Everyone have a fantastic weekend!

  1. Your hair looks great! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Brown Girl says:

    Haha, you are so gangster with your weave, that's awesome!

  3. Amber says:

    You have weave? I had NO idea. It looks so natural. You are proving to be quite the crafty girl. 🙂 🙂

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Jessica says:

    Love the fact that you primped at a tailgate. I would do the SAME thing. 🙂

  5. So many things I love about this post!

    1. It's just plain awesome that you primped at a table in the middle of a tailgate. You do us southern girls proud!

    2. SUPER impressed with your weave-making skillz!

    3. Even more impressed that you made a veil at a bar…Martha Stewart- look out!

  6. Tarryn says:

    I think you need to open a hair accessory store!! Veils, bows, hair extensions… you could make some money!! 🙂 One of my friends (and old boss) is getting qualified to do botox soon! Should be interesting!!

  7. These are great confessions. Can you believe that this week, I have not a confession to be had? Maybe I was on my best behavior??? Riiiiiiiight.

  8. Love all of these.. And the weave is totally gansteter like BG said.. Ha! I almost thought you were smarter than me I always sew them!

  9. Whitney says:

    Where do you get the stuff to make your hair extensions?

  10. star says:

    I had no idea you had a weave! Your hair looks amazing and natural to me! Have a fab weekend girly!

  11. Jill says:

    Okay LouLou, get with the ETSY girl! Hair weave, fun veils, hair bows, pacifiers, clip-on pony poofs (you haven't made one yet but I KNOW you've got it in you!), blog designs, your Etsy would have it all! Actually, all I want is the pony poofing video and/or sexy Lexy poofing party! 😉 Have fun tomorrow!

  12. Laura says:

    hahaha.. you so would take the veil to the bar 😉 great time management skills though. And i love the primping at the tennis courts.. Dammit.. i NEED to make it back for a game this year 🙁

  13. Brookiela says:

    That post exemplified all the reasons I LOVE YOU! Thanks for the shout out!!! Can't wait to botox all my friends! xo

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