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Loving This 20 Something Life

Hello everyone!!! Its Kristen from All In My Twenties!!!
As you all know our little Pinkloulou is currently on vacay in the Bahamas enjoying martinis in a pink bikini on the beach!! I was a little less than thrilled to I find out she had forgotten to book my ticket for the family vacay, but instantly forgave her when she let me know that I would be her first guest blogger for the week!!! Exciting I know!!!
I came across this lovely blog earlier this year and it was LOVE at first read!! I LOVE the optimistic view on everything *twenties*!! So today we are going to talk single life in our twenties!!
First I should start by saying that I would LOVE to be swept off my feet by an extremely attractive latino who may or may not be named Roberto, so this post is in no way meant to rain on any relationship parades! Its simply meant to shine some positive light on single life!! Every lady would LOVE a prince, some of us just havent been lucky enough to find him yet!!
There are SO many things I LOVE about being 24 and single.
I LOVE having roommates. I love sitting around our apt with 2 other girls in PJs, painting our nails, chatting about our current flavors of the week like we are 16 again. I love getting ready together on Friday nights, changing a thousand times to find the perfect outfit while listening to the new Eminem CD and sipping vodka sodas. I love piling ALL our best friends on our couches to watch Ali pick Roberto on the season finale of the Bachelorette or the latest episode of New Jersey Housewives.
I love the possibility of my next first kiss being my LAST first kiss. The anxious feeling while you wait for a VERY cute guy to pick you up for your very first date. I love the flirtatious texting and late night phone calls. The getty feeling that comes over you when his ringtone graces your phone! I love everything that is still to come!! I love the promise of a future yet to be made!!
I love doing all the things I know I wouldnt do if I was already in a serious relationship. I love the girl trips to NYC with my BFFs, the spontaneous road trips and the random sleepovers on a Tuesday night. I love putting me first. Worrying only about me, my career, my needs and MY DREAMS!! I love knowing its A-okay to put ME first because making a stronger happier me will one day make a stronger happier US. I love that I now know the true ME!
I love knowing there will be NO regret. I will never look back and wish I wouldve spent more time with friends, more time partying, more time being young. When I do find Mr. Right I will have experienced all that I have and I will be READY for the next chapter. Ready for Friday nights at home, for a family, for putting someone else’s happiness right beside my own. I will not regret because I have experienced ALL of this!
Though I wish to find my one and only I am absolutely ecstatic at the life I am living right now. I know that one day I will have the life and LOVE I dream of and that makes me content with this life each and every day!!
Ill leave you with some LOVE pics just to brighten your day!!

  1. Love, LOVE this post, girlie! I'm 25 and single and am having the time of my life. I'm grateful that I have this time to learn to be independent and learn who I am before I find Mr. Right. Great job!

  2. Great post girl! Even from someone in relationship 🙂 I am so, super happy now, but loved those single days as well! Live it up! And be selfish while you can ~ Mr. Perfect will surely appear when you least expect it <3

  3. Abby says:

    Well written (and I'm married!).

  4. Jules says:

    Even though I'm in a relationship, I loved reading your post!

  5. Venassa says:

    This is a great post. I'm not single, but those are the things I miss most from single life. I miss the hopes for the future, the excitement of new firsts.
    And even now, I miss female time in my life. I miss talking clothes and make-up and getting ready for a night out together.

  6. Jill says:

    Love your post…well-written! I'm married, but there are definitely times I miss all the girl time in my life!

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