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“I’m so blogging that…”

So my lovely ADpi sisters and I have a huge email chain, which I think I have mentioned before, but anyways this mornings emails were cracking me up. This is why I love my girlfriends. So for your enjoyment, I have copied the emails below. The first one is from me, and then the responses. Oh what a start to a Thursday…


{disclaimer-I do not ever see clients at my office, and I work on my computer all day in my cozy little cube. Just to make that clear. πŸ™‚ }


“Sooooo good morning ladies. I am sitting here at my desk, drinking my usual diet coke, checking my email etc, getting caught up on the latest celeb gossip that has transpired since last night, when I realized. OMG my dress is really short. I woke up at 8 today, thanks to Leah coming in my room and telling me to get my ars up, so I was pretty much in a frantic mess trying to get out the door. I am having drinks tonight with some girlfriends from work and I wanted to look semi cute so I threw on a dress of Leah’s {because I am sick of all my dresses} threw on some heels and did my makeup in the car on the way to work. I look real pretty today, HA! Anyways it just hit me wow, this dress is short, and I am wearing really tall heels. I totally look like the office slut. DARN IT! They already think I am ridiculous anyway, Heavens. Oh well what can you do…

So my question is ladies, how short is too short for the office? Perhaps if you have to ask that question it is too short?? The dress isn’t tight, and it has ΒΎ length sleeves, so there in lies my saving grace.


{The dress in question}(sidenote: yes those are hello kitty bandaids on my knee. I took a slight tumble and don’t want scars so that equals constant neosporin.)

{and the shoes…}


Thought you all might find some entertainment out of this, haha.


“Did you all ever have to do the flamingo test in middle shook for your skirts. Well I always failed haha. Allie why don’t you try that πŸ™‚ Miss you girls. –Wit



“Love that story Allie! I think you are fine if it’s not tight.. if it was skin tight and super short I’d say ut oh. but i think you are fine especially with sleeves.. i have this problem getting dressed before work all the time because of my behemoth (sp?) height. so i usually do flats if its tight and super short.. or i do one or the other with heels.. there’s 2 other office tutes so i don’t usually worry about that too much! – Lindsey

“Flamingo test? Not sure I have heard..please do tell! The test that I fondly remember is when I took an accelerated geometry class and the teacher always made me do the ruler 2 inches above the knee test. Well needless to say I received so many detentions for my skirt infractions that I dropped to the regular geometry class to keep my short skirted uniform instead of being smart! Ha ha hey let’s face it who really cared about the school stuff. I was more into the boys ha ha-Chrissy

“Ok Chrissy. Here it is:You take your leg and bend it. If your skirt doesn’t touch your calf it’s too short. Allie I can totally see you standing up now doing this at your desk haha. –Wit

“UMMM I totally just did it! Hahahaha. Are there any specific rules on which part of your calf the skirt must hit? Because I can make it touch… HA! I just went and consulted my BFF Erin at work and she thinks I am fine. She is also wearing a short pencil skirt. Ha ha. Hysterical. Thanks Linds for the support! I think I am going to have to blog about this. –Allie

“OMG Allison that dress is SO SHORT. Hahahaha. Is it cotton from the limited? I put it on the other night to go to dinner and turned right back around and took it off – I can only wear that with flops and it’s pushing it. That’s the one that my boss goes “Oh, is that a shirt? Where are your shorts?” I don’t kid. HAHA – I am tid bit taller than you though, so that might save you. –Leah

“Lol this is the best part of my day. So it seems to be a theme amongst us shadies that we like showin some leg. Mind you I went to a private Catholic school and served many days in detention for not tucking my fitted button downs into my skirt or pants, but never for my shirt length. My short ass super hemmed pleated uniform skits as some of you may remember from our greek sing soph year, were busted by my mother. One day when she dropped me off freshman year, as I was trucking up the steep 12 steps to the entrance in my 3.5 inch steve maddens, knee highs, and skirt, she saw my undies. From that day on, my hem was lengthened, and I rolled at the waist once I got to school! Ha! Slutty school girl? Nope, just tryin to be like Britney Spears. Love ya’ll, and Allie I am sure you look adorable. Have fun tonight : ) It IS thirsty Thursday, RIP Avio!! Xxo. Ps check out what I happened to be wearing today. –Leigh“One word-Awesome- Leah


This is why I love my girlfriends. They crack me up. Weather it is a big life problem, or a silly little fashion dilema they are always 2 seconds away. I have yet to hear from some of the girls on our email chain, but if I get any good responses I’ll be sure to let you know.


So have you ever worn something to work and realized oh crap, I probably shouldn’t be wearing this at work. Or maybe you didn’t realize your shirt was on inside out? Or maybe you didn’t realize that in fact that shirt is navy and not black, or maybe you thought to yourself, “Why did I wear a hot pink bra with this shirt? Clearly not a secret…”


I know someone has done something worse than wear a dress that could stand to be a tad longer. So dish ladies!

  1. This made my day. πŸ™‚ Gotta love girl friends.

  2. Amber says:

    I've had those days where I got to my desk and realized what I had on might have been a little inappropriate. You live, you learn.

    Love that you did your makeup on the way to work! πŸ™‚

  3. Hahaha! That's great! Y'all are too cute! πŸ™‚

    I have gone to work/school with A. a dryer sheet in the leg of my pants, B. underwear in the leg of my pants, and C. The clear sticker that tells you what size your clothes are still attached. πŸ˜‰

  4. TOO funny. I've always heard that if the skirt hemtouches the tips of your fingertips it's okay for work.
    A couple of weeks ago I wore a dressy-ish t-shirt from J.Crew with a pair of khaki cropped pants and Jack Rogers sandals and realized the shirt was NOT as dressy-ish as I thought it was when my boss asked me if I planned on changing before my meeting. oops.

  5. Andrea says:

    I wear dresses that are probably borderline questionable at times. However, I always pair them with flats so I don't look too over the top. But I think your dress is perfectly fine! Have a great day girly! ~Andrea

  6. Jess says:

    I bought a suppper cute ATL shirt dress and one day it started to mysterrriously UNravel it self in the MIDDLE section where there were buttons that was keeping my dress together, it kept getting going and going until I didn't think I was going to make to lunch to go home and change! (luckily I live 2 minutes from work! So I can do things like that!) And luckily that day I wore riding boots with that dress.

  7. Marian says:

    This happens to me ALL THE TIME. I tend to always do the inside out thing. Its so cold in our office that I immediately put a sweater on and don't notice til I'm on my way home. Sigh.

    PS- I think the dress is fine for work. If you were to put your hands down, it looks like your fingertips would be about where the dress ends…which passes in my book:)

  8. Meredith says:

    ha ha ha, love this!!!

  9. Kerr says:

    this is great! I have done the same thing before, except I was hungover when I woke up and threw on my outfit from the night before, capri pants and a cute top, when I was on the way to work I realized my top had a low back, like you couldnt wear a bra! ooops!

  10. Oh I've totally done this before! I am about to stand up and do the flamingo test too.

    Your sisters are hilarious me and my sisters usually just text or im instead of email.

  11. Laura says:

    ha! yes, this spring I busted out a pair of green/khaki capri pants and sprint out the door. Got all the way to work only to have my co-worker ask if my undies were red? (umm…yes.) Huge hole on my butt! so embarassing, thankfully I work in a lab with an abundance of scrubs. I was super comfy for the rest of the day, but utterly embarassed, at least it wasn't my boss!

  12. Cassie says:

    I get to work and realize I'm dressed ridiculously all the time. Today I've got black shoes, brownish pants and a hot pink sweater-what the hell was I thinking?!!?

    Although, your dress is super cute!

  13. Michaela says:

    I love this post!! And i love the dress…very cute!

  14. My hubby is like the fashion police. I'm an elementary school teacher, and I'm also really tall. I love to wear dresses/skirts, but there have been so many times when I've come downstairs all dressed for work and he says "Um…are you really wearing that to work??" :/ I also wear things that still have the tag attached and things that still have the clear "size" sticker on them. I love walking around while unknowingly announcing to the world either a) how much I paid for something or b) what size pants I wear. Sigh.

  15. Laura says:

    i absolutely love this!! and could use some ADPi in my life… especially being over here alone.. can i join in with you lovely shadys?!!!?? please πŸ™‚

  16. Laura says:

    p.s. dress looks to be about close enough to the knee that it works πŸ˜‰ i pass you.

  17. Heck yes, I have. I am forever finding giant toothpaste blobs at 2 PM, realizing that there's some giant string from my shirt dangling down the back of my pants like a butt crack and an assortment of other fashion infractions. What a nice bunch of jerks I work with. Punks.

  18. Mighty Burns says:

    Ohh LuLu you have no idea. ok so a few years ago for my work Christmas party I wore a dress that was much shorter then I remembered at home, or going out. But with the encouragment from fellow female coworkers I went ahead and wore it. It would have been FINE. BUT also that year I was wearing a heart montor (dont ask) and got very bad news while I was at the party. Since the montor didnt exactly go with my dress I kept it in my purse. I ran, burst thru the doors to the hall, grabbed my purse and out the side door which was tinited on the outside on the balcony I was now undressing on to put the darn thing on… in front of everyone.. πŸ™

    Then about a year ago for a Family Picnic my work hosted I wore an even longer dress. Poka dotted and navy blue wrap dress with slightly raised flip flops. All was well until someone broke out the water balloons, and broke one on me. Now my mother did her very best to raise a lady.. but I'm the last out of five and I grew up with two brothers.. so I kicked off those shoes and ran after the sucker.. unfortunatly it didnt matter how long my dress was because as I ran away throwing apples at the guy, I was flashing everyone behind me when my dress swooshed from side to side… ahhh thongs.

    So.. your dress. is fine. So long as you dont take it off or take off running in it. πŸ˜‰

  19. Abby says:

    Loved this! I could totally picture each of you saying those things πŸ™‚

  20. Jill says:

    Oh trust me, you don't look like the office 'tute! If it were tight you might be hurting but you look fine!! My favorite is leaving the size sticker on a shirt or something. Once I wore a new AT blouse to work and had an "XS" sticker right under the boob area. How fitting…eek. I didn't have on a short dress today but something must be wrong with it because my boss said "You dressed different today." I don't know what the H that meant?!! I don't wear dresses that often but the last time I wore a dress, I got a "like your dress" comment. Hrmph.

  21. Sophie P says:

    This made me giggle! So funny! You're dress isn't too short, I LOVE it, gorgeous colour… Perfect for our imminent Aussie summer! xx

  22. Lauren says:

    This makes me wish my sorority sisters and I were closer! πŸ™ I have had that experience a few times, but I've learned to just laugh it off or make a joke about it. I will say though, the woman I share an office with (she's like 33) has ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION come to work with one black shoe and one navy or brown shoe on!!! She has the same pair of loafers (ICK!) in different colors. CRACKS. ME. UP.!

  23. This cracked me up! And it totally made me miss my sorority sisses, too!

    I don't think the dress is too short…I kinda love it! Rock on with your cute dress : )

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