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Ok-so I am sitting here in my green, some kind of all natural face mask (sample from work I have fallen in love with and will probably never actually be able to afford), drinking a vodka soda (we are out of wine) and watching Glee for the second time tonight. I feel we should discuss some things.

1. How good this episode was, and how hot Finn, Puck, and Mr. Shuester are. Seriously, I love them all- I can’t pick a favorite.

Finn melted my heart when he told Rachel he loved her, and it took me back to the “first love” feeling.

Now Puck, oh Puck, your gorgeous bad boy vibe makes me want to skip class and make a man out of you behind the bleachers, except you are so sexy you would probably teach me things.

And Mr. Shu… Oh Mr. Shu. You looked beautiful as always and I would have totally had a teacher crush on you like I did Mr. Hoskins back in the day-but that is another story for another day.

2. How sweet was the whole baby scene? Quinn just looked so cute holding baby girl! And I like how Puck said he loved her more now. Precious, love love heart heart.

3. And most importantly-did anyone catch the preview of Zach Efron’s new movie during the commercials? Umm…holy hottness. I was glued to the tv. How old is he now anyway, 22? He is absolutely gorgeous. Cheers to you Vanessa Hudgens, cheers.

Now I shall get back to polishing my nails, and stop lusting after tv show characters. Anyone know how to make Essie polish go on smoother?? Night night!

  1. mFw says:

    Glad you enjoyed Glee! I never got into it, but that's all that's on facebook right now!

  2. I 100% agree with everything you have written in this blog. Me, Ellen, and E Bradley were also lusting over Zach last night as well. Did you notice the seen where he seemed to have a bourbon on the rocks? Be still my heart!

  3. leigh ashley says:

    ugh… puck is so cute! {swoon}

  4. Mo says:

    AAAAAhhhhhhh!!!! Ok, can we discuss how we miiiiight be the same person!?!? I could not agree MORE with you!! LOVE Finn – so sweet, shy and just adroable! Cracking up at your 'make a man outta Puck/ him teach you a thing or two!!!! hahahahaha!!! classic and probably true! 😉 Mr. Shu, SUCH the perfect teacher crush for high school…siiigh..

    Ok, now for the most important thing about the episode last night -the Zac Efron commercial!!!! OMG. We were watching it on DVR and I sat straight up and yelled at my roommate -WAIT!!! DO NOT FAST FORWARD THIS!!! Swwwooooooooooooonnn!!!!

    I have no idea what the movie is about or what it's called. I just know that he was in it and I was having a moment. I could not focus bc I was paralyzed by his good looks and boyish charm. BABE.

    XOXO love you my little Marilyn! 😉

  5. Juliana says:

    I totally agree with everything you wrote here….100%. I recorded it and saved it because I want to see it all again and again!!

  6. Amber says:

    Yes Zac is just WAY too good looking. I feel like a cougar having a crush on him and Taylor L – but they are SO gorgeous. 🙂

  7. Paige says:

    Lol, I am not even a glee fan {sorry} but this post is just hilarious! You are to funny & adorable with your celebrity crushes! Puck looks like he could probably teach me a few things too! ha!

  8. So.. I don't watch Glee, but after seeing these pics, I am about to start!!

  9. Paige says:

    I've been bloghopping and came across yours…which might I add, I love! Glee is wonderful and I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one swooning over Finn and Puck (or the only one rewatching the finale a ridiculous number of times 😉 Can't wait for next season!

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