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"I've had this much fun, just never appreciated it this much!"

Hello ladies! I am back from a fantastic weekend in Florida. I spent three fun filled days with my best friends from college. I can’t help but be depressed from their absence! After college- jobs , fiancés, and chasing those Rockette dreams (Mo!) took some us far away from one another. As exciting as this is, I can’t help but be reminded how much I miss them, especially when we get together. I can honestly say, that I have the best girlfriends anyone could ask for. As a good friend of mine once said we (my girlfriends) are “abnormally obsessed with each other”. This meaning, we can’t get enough of being together! We had the best weekend of girl talk, and catching up on each others lives. It brings a tear to my eye thinking about how much I miss the days we all lived together in one big house. We crammed eight girls into one house, right next door to a house of seven. They really were some of the best times I have had, and I will forever cherish those memories. I will especially cherish my cozy little loft room that I shared with Miss Molly! Speaking of Miss Molly, she is the whole reason we spent the weekend in Destin, to celebrate her Bachelorette Party! For those of you not familiar with Molly, she is the most adorable little Southern thing you have ever met. After college, she spent a week at the beach and met this good looking guy name Griffin. It wasn’t long before we all knew they were perfect for each other! I will never forget Molly, Nicole and I making the first trip to Oxford, Mississippi to meet this charmer. It was a great weekend, although I will leave some details out-Nicole back me up on this one! Anyways-they have made it through a move to Nashville, California, Beaver Dam, and have finally settled back in Oxford. They truly are the most sincerely in love couple I have seen! All you have to do is look at Molly to see how much she is glowing, or hear her talk to Griffin on the phone to know how truly in love she is. I hope to one day be as lucky as she is! Check out her absolutely adorable engagement video. That sweet muffin video taped the whole engagement without her knowing! He gets major points for this. Good job Griffin!

Anyways, I had so much fun spending time with all my girlfriends. I just loved being able to do Molly’s makeup before we went out, just like old times in 1307! For all of my lovelies reading this, know how much I love you, and how truly thankful I am that each and every one of you are in my life. I heard a smart girl this weekend say that it takes a lot of things to make your life completely happy and satisfying. Not one person, not one thing, but the right mix of great relationships and good fortune. I just thought that was a great way to put it, and I am so thankful for my wonderful friends, the constant support of my family, my relationship with Christ, my job, my health and my never ending optimism that Mr. Right is out there! Ok that last one kinda made me laugh but whatev, it is true am I right?! Now enough with the sappiness, enjoy some pics from the Beach Bachelorette Bash 2009!! PS I totally forgot to mention Molly’s ADORABLE white bride bikini. We got her a white bathing suit and had bride in rhinestones put on the booty. Precious. Then we all wore black bikinis. Pictures are priceless however- my camera died mid beach photo sesh, so I will have to post them later. Must get from another camera.

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