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Was this the longest week ever?

Answer, YES.
But, girls, the kitty cats play tonight woop woop! GO CATS.
Something happens in March… everyone goes NUTS about these little basketball games. But hey, it means lots of friends and lots of happy hours. So clearly, I am pro March madness. 
I picked up this precious little plaid shirt at Banana Republic, thought it was perfect for CATS games. I’m wearing it with skinnies and these hot shoes from…wait for it… Target! 
collage template w pll.indd

1 / 2 

collage template w pll.indd
It may have also reminded me of this shirt…

collage template w pll.indd

Whatever. We all know I am a little cray.


collage template w pll.indd
 {Essie Turquoise & Caicos}

As far as the hair goes today, it is dirty, because it is unwashed. I found it uber difficult to get out of bed this morning. WOOPS.

Simple messy bun and swoop.

collage template w pll.indd

collage template w pll.indd

It is really easy to create this look girls.

1.Tease and poof top.
2. Ponytail.
3. Pin up ponytail with bobby pins to cover ponytail holder.
4. Curl some of the front pieces away from your face, and let them go where they want to, spraying in place where you think they fit.
5. Spray spray.
6. Run out door with diet coke in hand and still make it to work on time 😉

One more thing before I leave you on this Friday, please say prayers for a fellow Kentucky girl battling cervical cancer. Article is here. We JUST talked about this the other day girls. Meganne Campbell is showing extreme faith through this whole ordeal, and my heart goes out to her and her family. Let’s lift Meganne up in our prayers, and pray for her comfort and for God’s will. You can read more, and send prayers on Team Meg on Facebook!


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  1. KAH says:

    Good luck! I'm rooting for you guys now that my teams are out!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Annabelle says:

    Sweetness. Cancer is a booger. Pray. Hope. Oh, and I need you too give me a poof! Mine always looks a dang wreck!

  3. Lay says:

    I am LOVING those shoes!

  4. Prayers coming for your friend. It's so sad and so preventable now!! Thank you for the PSA earlier in the week! And too bad your "messy" hair looks cuter than anything I've sported this week!

  5. Why can't I look THAT "put together" on the days I can't get out of bed on time? I'm jealous! Love that Essie color!! I'm sending prayers to Meganne:)

  6. Jenny says:

    Prayers for your friend.

    Also……Easy? No. I cannot do ANYTHING with my hair besides wear it down. I'm not quite sure if it's my lack of pinning up skills or that my hair is super think. Uhhhhh…

  7. Charity says:

    It totally was the longest week ever, and i think today grabs the longest friday ever award!!

    i am jealous of how your hair and makeup always looks! i can't do makeup like a big girl to save my life 🙁

  8. Looking fabulous my friend!! 🙂 Love the new Carrie inspired top.

  9. Katie says:

    LOVE thos shoes!!! Im going shoe shopping monday…I might just have to stop in Target to try those on. 🙂

    I woke up WAY late today too, but I do not look that cute. I never do anything fun with my hair 🙁

  10. Chelsea says:

    For dirty hair, yours sure looks darn good! 😉 Love the Carrie Underwood-esque shirt as well 🙂

  11. Kate says:

    You are sooo cute and put together! I love how you say that hairstyle is *so* easy, but I can never ever accomplish that 'do!

  12. Love the outfit! Go Cats!

  13. SHicks says:

    You should do more hair tutorials… especially the poof. Mine Sucks! I also want to see how you do your hair straight at this shorter length… I have it pinned several times 🙂

  14. Miu says:

    I love your earrings! You are adorable! And I'm absolutely OBSESSED with your blog :]

  15. Merry says:

    Love the hair! Thanks for sharing the how-to because I'm clueless when it comes to what to do with mine.

  16. Caitlin C. says:

    You're just the cutest thing ever! I love your new shirt (even if you're cray!) 😉

  17. Your "dirty" hair always looks so nice (and clean!). Secrets?

  18. Amber says:

    That shirt is almost identical to Carrie's, love it! And those shoes are hot!

  19. Emily says:

    you make it look so easy pinky!!!

  20. LOVE the hair – you could never tell you didn't wash it!

  21. Lia Joy says:

    Since my alma mater sucks at basketball, I most definitely picked Kentucky to win it all! 🙂

    And, if your hair is dirty, how do you get your bangs to look so fluffy? Mine would be stuck to my face 🙁 I need serious hair help! 🙂

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