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Can I brag for a sec?

not on me, no no. get real. But on this fabulous lady. She’s the cat’s meow, the it-girl of Lexington photography, the ‘who’s who’ of capturing that magical wedded bliss!
That is right. I am talking about my girl Alicia. She owns Aesthetiica Photography. I kid you not when I tell you every single wedding I have been in, and every single one of my friends use her for their wedding pics, because duh, she is Even if you are not in Lex, check her out. I am sure she travels. Or she better cause I plan on getting married at the beach, holllaaa! 
Anyhoo, I got so excited because today she posted teaser pics of my little Dana Bug‘s wedding (one I was at last weekend) and also my BFF Leah’s engagey pics! Woo hoo!
For your viewing pleasure… 
Sweet Tiny‘s wedding…
Leah Bear’s Engagement pics! 
And because I couldn’t stop there, Alicia also just posted pics from my cutie pie friend Catherine’s wedding from last summer. Are they not to die for?
So IN CONCLUSION, what have we learned today? 
Well many things, 
1. my friends are too cute and I love them
2. Alicia must do my wedding
3. I am absolutely running away to the beach when I get married because how 
in the world can you even try and compare to these beautiful weddings?? 
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  1. Anna says:

    Wow, those are beautiful pics. And look at how much John adores you! =P

  2. Carrie says:

    She really is incredibly talented!! Now I want to get married again and book her for the wedding!

    And I'm loving the last picture. Great job!

  3. Beth says:

    love those pictures. she does an AWESOME job. and you're lucky to be blessed with such gorgeous friends.

    we might be fighting over JK. 😉

  4. I love you. You are HILAR:)

  5. Kelsey says:

    Your Hilarious! I love all the pictures both weddings were to die for!

  6. Ashley says:

    those photos are stunning!
    That last wedding you posted is GORGEOUS in a breath taking kind of way!

  7. Sarah Beth says:

    Love the blog! Who did Dana's makeup for her wedding? Its flawless!

  8. Raven says:

    Those pictures are AMAZING!!! If I ever get married again (hopefully to the same guy) I am using her. I will pay for her to come out to Washington State or I will just pay her in wine, does she drink wine? those pictures are amazing!!!!

    You and John would make some amazing bambino's together.

  9. Kerr says:

    those are gorgeous photos! I will def be recomending her to all my lex gals!

  10. Lindsey says:

    LOVE the bridesmaid dresses of the last girl you featured. LOVE the pictures … all of them. Of course, the poof you did looks amaze. Can you please fly to Dallas for the wedding I'm in January to do my hair and then again in February to Vegas for that wedding. Or in Oct you can just teach me when we are on our beach vacay. I NEED YOUR POOF SKILL IN MY LIFE.

    I want her to do my wedding too … hopefully she's still in business in about 20+ years. For reals.

    Now email me back biatch! Or else.

  11. hannah. says:

    I'm dying over the photo of you with your Skinnygirl and your man! haaa. you are the cutest!

  12. Raquel says:

    Omg those pictures are incredible!! I want her to do my wedding! ahhhhh

  13. Raven says:

    ok so I had to come back and comment again. SHE IS AMAZING! and do all the beautiful people live in Lexington? My goodness.

  14. I check out both your & Alicia's blogs often. So weird that the two should cross!

  15. Joeylee says:

    she is really talanted, the pictures are amazing!

  16. Caroline says:

    Honey, lets be honest, do we think hes enamored with you? Or the Skinny girl margs? Bahaha. Love you!

  17. Kendra says:

    I LOVE these pictures. Plus I love the photoshopped 😉 Such great talent your friend has!

  18. these pictures are stunning!!!! so so gorgeous!

  19. Thanks for keeping me distracted while I'm at work-haha!

    Ummm okay all your friends are beautiful AND these weddings are TO DIE FOR! I coordinate weddings and I am seriously drooling! Love!

  20. Those pics are gorgeous! …makes me wanna get married again (to the same guy of course!)

    Love the pic of you w/ John K. You'll have to fight Emily for him! Ha ha

  21. hahaha loving the photoshopped Mr. and Mrs. Krasinski pic and the beautiful pics from your equally beautiful friends weddings!

  22. Katie says:

    Her work is to die for! I love the lighting she uses. Your friends are way way gorgoues including YOU missy 😉

  23. Sole Matters says:

    i think john is looking at the SGM. lol

  24. Laura says:

    she seriously is a fab photographer.. but the ladies are so beautiful too! So together, it makes for perfect pics! Not to mention, the last one 🙂 hehe.

  25. Haha! Love the picture of you and your honey John! 🙂 i started reading your blog a month or so ago and love it…keep up all that sassy southern humor.

  26. Laura says:

    beautiful photos! gorgeous friends!
    and, of course, I got quite a chuckle out of that last photo. hahah!!

  27. French Lover says:

    Beautiful photos !!! It makes me wanna get married again 😉 To the same man of course, I love my Canadian !!

    You're next ! I love that last picture, you look so cute. By the way I'm totally jealous that Skinny Girl margarita isn't sold in France. Boo !!

    Bisous 🙂

  28. Jamie says:

    Those are all SO beautiful! She does a great job 🙂

  29. Holly says:

    Beautiful pictures!! I love that prayer tree, very sweet. And I think you're going to have to steal John away from plenty of others besides Emily Blunt 😉 He's a hottie!!

  30. Kristen says:

    Bahaha….you crack me up! And those pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

  31. Jen says:

    OMG. GORGEOUS! I am in LOVE with these photos!! Also- any idea who designed those gorg. pink bridesmaids dresses you have on? They look like mine by Alfred Sung of Dessy Group… so I am praying they are because they look AMAZING in these photos. LOVE this entire post!!! As usual 🙂

  32. What a small world!! One of the bridesmaids from your friend Catherine's wedding was my great grand big in my sorority at UT! Awesome pictures!

  33. Lauren says:

    Beautiful pictures! I can't wait to plan for a wedding! 🙂

  34. I LOVE Catherine's dress!

  35. Morgan says:

    haha 🙂 this post is soo funny. and the pictures are gorgeous! i just hope that one day my wedding will be photographed just as beautifully as these were 🙂

  36. Summer says:

    I completely share your love for "Jim Halpert" and Skinny Girl margs! Yum!

  37. ♡ bAs says:

    Gorgeous wedding pictures! Thank you for sharing. I can never get enough of weddings. Every picture is absolutely stunning!

  38. Hailey says:

    These are beautiful!

  39. Courtney says:

    What gorgeous pics and brides!!

  40. Heather says:

    Alright, well we may have to fight over John K…love him!

    Those pictures are stunning!

  41. Really beautiful. Pretty soon in like 10 days for me. EEK

  42. loving the pictures of your friend Catherine's wedding! Absolutely stunning.


  43. You're hilarious! And your all are so pretty!

  44. Kori Donahue says:

    Gorgeous photos and you crack me up with that last one! Not only is it Fashion Friday tomorrow, but my fabulous giveaway ends! Hope you can link up and enter to win! Have a great night sweetie! Kori xoxo

  45. Sabrina Says says:

    Newest follower here, and I have to say: You are stunning!!

    And yes, those pictures are BEAUTIFUL, but I feel like it would be hard to take a bad picture of those brides. Oh my WOW. They are gorgeous!

    Excited to catch up on your blog!

    Sabrina Says

  46. Wow these are all such beautiful photos! I love the last one especially hahaha

    xo katie elizabeth

  47. Lauren says:


    I am so glad I found this post! I was looking for wedding inspiration (especially b/c my computer crashed and now everything is gone). Your friends dress is GORGEOUS . I am seriously in love with it!


  48. TriPaC87 says:

    Hi PLL! I love your blog and found this post on your friend Catherine's wedding. Her wedding was BEAUTIFUL! Anyways… I am the MOH in an upcoming wedding and the bride loves Catherine's pink bridesmaids dresses. Do you know where she got them or the designer of the dresses? We are trying to track down these dresses and would love any help we can get!!

    Thanks so much and keep up the great blogging!!


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