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The one where I pass out in pure barre…

Hello ladies. So this is a funny story. 
While on my quest for a better me, and body, I have taken up a little pure barre. I am by no means ‘ahead of the trend’ here as apparently everyone and their mom has been doing pure barre forEVAH. It really is fantastic, and I have already become addicted.  If you aren’t familiar with pure barre, check out the website as it will do way better justice at explaining than I will telling you about it. Here are some PB girls just getting’ after it. I’ll take one long, lean toned body- kthanks. 
I really enjoy it because I am on the fence about traditional working out. Yeah, I’ll do it. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on trainers before, but if you tell me to go run 5 miles I will tell you that you are outta your mind. So pure barre is perfect for the LouLou! Don’t get me wrong, it is not easy by any means, just a totally different workout than your traditional workouts. And I loooves it. 
So last night, I worked late, and off I went to my pure barre class, taught by my good friend Catherine. I had been so busy all day with work, a blonde appointment, trying to get everything ready to be out of town etc. that I didn’t exactly eat much. I had lunch, but that was it, I just didn’t really think about it. (stupid)
{So this is cute too by the way} I walk in the PB studio and there is a precious blonde, tight and toned little pure barre baby working the front desk and she looks at me and goes, “it’s PInkLouLou!” It was so cute! She has read my blog, and it was just adorable how she called me PinkLouLou. So I am feeling like a celeb you know {HA!} , ready to go kick some pure barre taill.
So class begins, and I am surrounded by 25 gorgeously toned, lululemon wearing pure barre hotties. 
(Note to self: must buy lululemon. Makes the tail and the tata’s look incredible!) 
My cousin’s sister in law (wow, follow me here) is right beside me. She has had two kids, and is like a pure barre goddess- putting my NO-kids-younger-than-you-26 body to SHAME. She looks like a ballerina. Anyhoo- may I remind you that it is 500 degrees in this room, and I started sweating like seriously, during the warm up. It was a sauna in there. It wasn’t until thigh work that I started feeling dizzy. I don’t know if it was the up and down, the pulsing, the lifting, toning, squeezing, and burning or what, but I knew something wasn’t right. I thought oh no… you are gonna pass out in the middle of pure barre my friend. I fought through it for a second, when girlfrand next to me (cousins’s sister in law) and my friend Catherine (instructor) said to me are you ok? Apparently I was as white as a freaking ghost. That’s when the stars came and everything went black. Sweet Laura (remember the cutey patooty front desk girl, who knew I was LouLou) grabbed my arm and took me into the lobby, and fed me a luna bar. I.was.mortified. Here I was close to death (ok slight exaggeration) being fed a luna bar in the lobby of pure barre, by the sweet college girl who reads my blog. Awesome. This is AWESOME. Bless her heart she was so sweet, and promised me that it happens all the time. le sigh. 
I ate my little luna bar, immediately felt normal again, and went back in to finish class. I just had to prove to myself and everyone else, that duh, I can do this, I just gotta EAT! haha. And I rocked it 😉 
So in conclusion: must eat something, anything, before pure barre! That shizz aint for the birds, its hard core and your body is workin’! 
Catherine, you are a phenom teacher! I promise I am going to be packin a snack next class, ha!
Laura, you are too sweet, thanks for nursing me back to health. And I hope you still read the blog, even though I am now totally “a pure barre passer-outer”
Until, next time… 
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  1. Oh ma gosh, poor thing!!! I've been close to passing out in yoga before. It's so hard to eat when you're going to go work out, but, your body needs somethin' somethin'. Ok, you're like the 500th person I know who is gettin' in shape with PB. Must sign up for classes like yesterday.

  2. Julie says:

    I'm a new follower and I love your blog! Your dog is so adorable! And I know how you feel about passing out- I once passed out while getting a prom dress altered- did I mention that I fell on top of the little old lady hemming the dress? I was mortified!!

  3. i hope you are doing better girl!! I have never done pure barre before! do you have to be ballet-esque?! I did gymnastics growing up but not ballet! I must is opening soon in Massachusetts. For now, I'll stick to Zumba!

    xoxox hope you're feeling beetter!

  4. Seeeeeeee…….this is EXACTLY why I'm waaaaaaay tooooooooooo scared to try the barre. Well, that in the fact that I'm probably the most-out-of-shape-non-fat-person you know. Seriously.

  5. Mighty Burns says:

    awww lol you are so funny! I didnt pass out but I definatly had to sit out during a work out class with a friend too lol. I felt like a tub-ah-lub for not being able to do it, but when I went back the second time (yes after eating and stretching) I was able to do it with no issues! Im sure you'll do the same 🙂

  6. Marcy XOXO says:

    Hope you feel better today sweetie! Been there done that… You version is too funny and definately had me chuckling! I am DEFINATELY going to have to check this out!

  7. Wow! I have been meaning to try out pure barre for some time, and just haven't made it. I will be sure to grab a snack before though after reading your post. I am sure it does happen pretty often.

  8. Mrs. Nelson says:

    Poor thing!!! I am going to have to try this work out. I am getting WAY too soft in all the wrong places! 🙂 I hope you are feeling better pretty lady! That was so sweet of your blog follower to help you out. 🙂

  9. Amber says:

    I LOVE it that you've found a workout that motivates you. That's how I feel about CrossFit. I love knowing that I'm doing something challenging that will transform my body – it makes it so much easier to get to class everyday!

    I can't believe you passed out. Must eat silly girl! Greek yogurt with some organic/low sugar granola is a GREAT preworkout snack. Full of protein and healthy carbs to give you the energy to push through your workout and preferabbly not pass out! 🙂

    And if your'e feeling too embarrassed about your little shenanigan, feel free to revisit my post where I fell into the toilet. There is nothing worse than that moment and you will feel like a winner in no time!

    PS – You are a blogger celebrity. Yay for having a fan following in real life. LOL!

  10. LHD says:

    I love this story 🙂

  11. I heart you… 🙂

    I also totally want to try PB.

  12. Shasta Anne says:

    AHhhh friend! Girl, you have to pack snacks! *Sorry, mother in me… had to say it, coudn't help myself*

    First of all, I love that you are doing Pure Barre! There are no classes here in Spokane, WA, so I am living vicariously through you people that get to enjoy this experience. I am thinking of ordering the videos. Somehow that just doesn't seem the same..

    Secondly, I love that you were helped by one of your blog readers! Seriously, how sweet is she? This is the beauty of blogging, it brings people together!

    Have a lovely day! I am off to get my prison roots highlighted!


  13. Megan says:

    I love this! I want to take a class and see how I like them.

  14. Mrs. Parker says:

    That sounds like such a fun/different class! Wish there were some classes near me!

  15. Caroline says:

    I LOVE Pure Barre! Glad you're ok. I'm so excited to go tonight.

  16. AbbyS. says:

    ohmy~Don't forget to eat tonight!
    I totally wish I could go. My friend/instructor Michelle has asked me to try it. If it was not all the way in Lex I prob would. (However, now I am a little afraid if all girls in class look like models in super cute $100.00 workout gear, I am not sure I could hang.)
    Maybe one day!
    Glad you love it. Hope there is no passing out tonight!! 🙂

  17. Emily says:

    Same thing happened to my friend on Saturday. It's been SO hot in there lately and with so many people in the room it gets stuffy. I'm glad you caught yourself before anything happened! Thank god for Luna bars!!! I agree with you on investing on some Lululemon clothes. Must buy some pieces soon. I love the new colors! Catherine is a GREAT instructor, I always love going to her class 🙂

  18. Chrissi says:

    What an awful experience! At least you got out before you crumpled to the floor and whacked your head on the way down.

    I had a similar experience, although it was during a training session, not a class. I was so bugged though, because even after eating a granola bar I was still feeling too out of it to continue. All I could think was, "Well, there goes $50 down the drain."

    I know what you're saying about the workout gear. I am a total scrub at the gym- usually in black workout pants and a white Hanes tee. Bring on the Lulu!

  19. MJ says:

    Crazy!! At least you're ok 🙂

  20. Mrs.Vid says:

    I'm so glad that you posted about this! I have been searching for work out that lengthens and strengthens your muscles rather than just bulking up! I found a Barre class in my area and signed up! Thanks so much for posting about this. I never would have heard of it with out you! So sorry to hear that you passed out though! Glad you're ok! 🙂

  21. Home and Nom says:

    come take PB with me! we can talk about blogging, how hot catherine is and that "jim" look-alike i know… 🙂 🙂

  22. Rissy says:

    I danced my whole life and am missing it like nobody's business. I getting on google RIGHT NOW to find out where I might be able to take part.

    I remember a dance class once where all we could find to raise someone's blood sugar was a candy cane… so there she is in class sucking on a christmas candy to prevent fainting.

    Love that you are a celeb! and yes Lulu Lemon may have been created by the goddesses ; )


  23. Ohhhh girl-coming from someone who had a serious fainting problem all growing up (due to low blood sugar) I really know exactly. how. you. felt. The whole "Oh know, I know I'm gonna pass out, but it snuck up on me too quick" feeling is the WORST. Glad you were surrounded by good friends and a LouLou fan to take good care of you 🙂

  24. Ashley says:

    oh no!! I hear ya about the eating — I have definitely had my share of passing out from heat/exhaustion while attempting a workout.
    Cute story about the front desk girl =) SO sweet that she recognized you =) and then took care of you like a sweetie =)

  25. Gina says:

    Hilarious. And I love that we both posted about embarrassing workout stories today. 😉

  26. Jana Moss says:

    I freaking love your blog! I get so excited when I see that it's bold in google reader and it means you updated it, woo hoo. I just laughed out loud really loud at work when I read "that shizz ain't for the birds" Great post! I've been seeing your stuff on twitter about PB and now after reading this I really want to try it. Just maybe with a snack in hand 🙂 I almost passed out after getting one of those Guardisil shots so I don't want to do that again!!

  27. Kat says:

    How fun! Well not the passing out part, but the class. I started taking "pole fitness" classes just recently. I know. My mom and dad about died. Pretty sure they were scared I was in for a career change, haha, not really. BUT, OMG it is an INSANE workout and you dont feel like you are working out at all (MY kind of exercise). I love classes that are not "normal" aerobic stuff. Hope you are doing well!

  28. Gia says:

    I want to try PB SOOSO bad! but there aren't any in my area 🙁 maybe one day! looks awesome and I want their ballerina bods!

  29. We don't have any Pure Barre in our area (Richmond) and probably won't get one until 2024. Seriously, we are the last place on Earth to get anything cool. Glad you are okay!

  30. Kerr says:

    I love purre barre classes! I have come close to passing out before too but luckily I didnt. Glad you are ok chica!

  31. Squirmy says:

    Oh no! Glad you were ok. I love that the girl on reception knew you from your blog!

  32. Mateya says:

    How cute that one of your readers helped you haha!

    I am intrigued by this PB thing…but of course up here in the middle of nowhere, we have nothing like it!

  33. Mommy Webb says:

    HAHHHAHAHAHAHA! I can envision the whole experience. Classic.

  34. melissa says:

    Forgot to eat – what is that like? I've never forgotten a meal in my life. hahaha Glad the Luna bar brought you back to life and I am super impressed you went back in and finished the class. Way to go sister!

  35. Venassa says:

    That would've been kind of scary. Glad you had some nice girls to watch after you. And I bet she'll be excited to be mentioned in your blog haha.

  36. Abby says:

    Bless your heart!!!! I MUST find a class near me since this heiny is NOT running any time soon!

  37. Lauren says:

    I have been wanting to try PB for a while but your story scares me! which days do you go?

  38. S says:

    I got really sick at my kickboxing class a few weeks ago. Had to swallow my pride and just get out of there! You are pretty amazing to get back in there!

  39. Mae says:

    Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog, and I am obsessed! Even mentioned you in my newest blogpost :). I wanted to start from the beginning, though, so I am currently reading about your life from October of last year! Hope you keep doing this for a while, thanks!!

  40. Cait says:

    hope you're doing okay girl- ahhh kickboxing awesome!! love love lvoe this! xo

  41. Morgan says:

    Ooooh bless your heart! I've heard that class is headcore!

  42. Sassy says:

    Oh you poor thing! I'm trying not to laugh, but I do Pure Barre myself so I can visualize the scene quite well. I had my first PB class yesterday after a 2 week hiatus due to a sinus infection, and I was SO WORRIED that I was going to look like an idiot. My legs shake like no other in that class, but after doing it consistently for awhile, I'd finally gained some strength so I didn't look quite so silly trying to do all the exercise (And tuck! and tuck! Tuck left! Tuck right!). Fortunately, I hadn't lost too much ground, but shwoo that's a tough workout. Glad you're feeling better!

  43. Catherine says:

    Miss Alie!…you haver never made white-face-shaking-I'm-about-to-pass-out look so good! haha Like I said, it happens to so many people and once it happens one time, it never happens again! Good lesson for all – must eat a snack prior to Pure Barre; or ANY workout! You were such a trooper and came right back to the barre after Laura and Luna came to the rescue. You have such great PB form and I am so glad you started coming! Instructor fav for sure 🙂 You will be amazed at how much it will transform your body. PB is truly the best thing that has ever happened to me…both physically and mentally. I love being an instructor and inspiring people every day. The messages I get are endless and I love hearing PB sucesse stories….truly blessed to do that for people. See you Saturday for some more tucking, squeezing, pulsing, shaking, lifting, toning, burning!

    P.S. For those who are interested in Pure Barre and do not have one in your area….visit Pure Barre's website at and purchase the Pure Barre Collectors Edition! It includes DVD's and equipment (all things needed) to get the same results as one would in a class setting but from your own home! Also, add yourself to the e-mail list for tips, specials, and news such as Pure Barre openings possibly in your area. If you are furthur intersted in PB and do not have one in your area, think about opening one and becoming an owner! Spread the Pure Barre love 🙂 You will not regret it!

  44. Oh no! Glad you're ok! I wish I could do Pure Barre… I think I'd love it! BUT… none in Minnesota. 🙁 waaa waaa.

  45. That is really funny especially since the front desk girl knew who you were. but yes always remember to eat and stay hydrated!!!

  46. Quincee says:

    I've never heard of Pure Barre, but it looks like quite the workout. I wanted to pass on the "Versatile Blogger" and "Stylish Blogger Award" to you. I love reading your blog. It's always fun and amusing. You can find instructions for the award on my page at:

  47. Lindsay says:

    I want to try this! I will pack myself a little snack beforehand though!

  48. Dana says:

    I am so glad you are ok! I haven't gotten to try Pure Barre – the closest one is an hour away, but it totally sounds like a workout I would love! Have fun!

  49. Alaka says:

    I have been wanting to try a class but I'm so nervous! I don't think I'll be able to handle it. I just recently got a personal trainer and I love it! But I may try the Pure Barre once I'm done with my training sessions.

  50. Jenna E says:

    I haven't even heard of this. I will have to check it out, thanks!

  51. Katie Jones says:

    hahahahahahahaha!!!! Okay, first I have to tell you that I decided on a whim to take Ballet 101 when I was in college (hadnt taken ballet since I was….3?) and it about killed me. It's so freakin hard!

    Secondly, I'm so glad to hear that you passed out, because I was thinking about trying a Barre class at my gym but now I'm not going to!!! you saved me from massive embarassment! 🙂

  52. Meredith says:

    I have wanted to take a Pure Barre class for so long now. I have gotten so close to signing up and then always chicken out at the last minute! Mental note: if you try Pure Barre, pack snack! 🙂

    Love reading your blog, check out mine if you ever get some free time.

  53. LOVE THIS. I am a little behind, but the comment about lululemon just made me literally laugh out loud! Haha SO true that everyone in class wears it! You would love the Y Top, its my favvvvvvv and looks amazing on everyone, plus it has boobie pads so give your girls a little lift too!

    Wish you were in New Orleans and could come take my pure barre class sometime! Yall are so funny! Seriously I swear it will get easier the more you do it and try think thin bars, they are delish. taste like a snickers bar. XOXO Muah!!!

    Ps totally agree with Catherine about the DVD's! Great for when you arent close to a studio!!

  54. ...Barbie... says:

    so i just came across this post in a "why is the pure barre room so hot" google search. but really? why is the room so freaking hot?

    i am with you – i love the pure barre and i have nearly passed out in the past too. loving you blog!!!

  55. So, I just found your blog because I Googled "passing out during barre class". You and I had almost identical experiences. Mine happened yesterday {during my very first class}. And it was 15 minutes into the class. I was mortified, but I dusted my little booty off and finished the class. Glad to know I'm not the only one this has happened to! Here's to maintaining consciousness! Ha! 😉

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